The Pink Poogle Toy Show 56: Key Quest Strategies

Kym Huynh —  January 15, 2018 — 7 Comments

Mary Sutherland gives us the 411 on Key Quest in today’s episode because *drumroll*… Key Quest is officially out of beta! That’s right folks, come on over and line up to gave a go at the latest game craze to hit Neopets.

  • KeyQuest, a game where everybody wins, now out of beta
  • Mary gives us a ton of KeyQuest strategies
  • Free halloween goodie bags and where to get them
  • What you can do with the Halloween goodie bags
  • New items in Neopets
  • New Random Contest in Neopets
  • The big style tag debacle

Kym Huynh


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7 responses to The Pink Poogle Toy Show 56: Key Quest Strategies

  1. you two are talk about two diffret typs of goody bags. the nc mall bags cant be sold, the other ones that you were talking about kym,can be sold. i sold four of them and got about 14k.

  2. Could you guys do an episode about Neopets Trading (trading pets for pets)? It would make a pretty interesting topic ^_^

  3. I hate neopets for changing their coding constantly. I used to code pages for guilds all the time. Once told me that the coding I had used the week before which worked had perfectly, was now “inappropriate.” It took my about an hour to fix it. And nothing looked changed.
    From my knowledge they have blocked coding that covers and blocks certain things. But it would just be going to far to block images. I’m not sure they would do that. I can understand Mary’s idea for why they did that. I had a traumatic accident with “adult images” when I was around five or six. But Neopets is not usually a place where I would see images that may not be okay for younger children. Writing on the other hand is a different story. Ever go on the boards late at night? Yeah. But blocking writing is not exactly what I think their going to do.
    I know about the restrictions that they have for players under 13, but kids under that age aren’t that dumb and lie all the time. Plus they can also bed they’re parents to sign the permission forum. Even forge a signature if they’re that good.
    That’s about all. =)

  4. Hey guys, no show in over 3 months? Is there one in the works?

    Thanks guys, love the show!

  5. @Alex

    Yeah, I was thinking of poking Kym and asking him when we can get another put together…We shall return!!!!

  6. I hope you guys do another show because I love them

  7. @Alex – yeah, I’ve been in contact with ella (the admin) and she says there will be one soon.

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