The Pink Poogle Toy Show 1: Blooper Reel

Kym Huynh —  November 11, 2017 — 11 Comments

Kym Huynh


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11 responses to The Pink Poogle Toy Show 1: Blooper Reel

  1. Do you like the other podcast not mine NeoTalk but that bbn thing or whatever?

  2. Hey Wade! What is happening with NeoTalk?

  3. Thanks for being on point and on tatgre!

  4. Anne Gerber – With tears of joy running down my face I see not only a very precious beautiful little baby boy… but a miracle from above. So happy for you all. Enjoy every minute! Very nice pictures Betz!

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  6. I am a Conservative Republican, but have to agree with Democrates that most people are immature morons that know how to manage their lives, or make good life choices, without some type of government oversight to limit self destructive behavior,

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  8. Och du tyckte jag hade vart flitig, jisses vad du har hunnit med. Det låter som du har fullt upp fram till julafton. Kul med beställningar. Har mest beställningar på stickfronten just nu, men scrappa måste man ju lite emellan.Hoppas resten av veckan blir bra!/Sara

  9. Hi Ann,Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. My first attempt failed and then I tried yours! It was so easy to follow. Its brilliant! Just a question though,, can I put two trays at a time? Because I put one tray at a time and the rest of the mixture was sitting in the bowl. The first batch took exactly 20 minutes like you stated and came off the baking paper cleanly. But I noticed that the second and the third times, I had to bake more than 20 minutes. Any suggestions please Ann?Many ThanksBashini.

  10. he posts about these losers in the community to show people that the right wing conservative republican anti communist nut jobs we have in our community are weird and they are equivalent to the Tea Party activists that the white people have in this country. Same low class tactics, same ignorance.

  11. olá querida Mailda obrigada pelo coment’s aaadorei essas fotos! achei de uma naturalidade ímpar!e as fotos em PeB ficaram mto lindas!parabéns pelo seu desempenho querida amiga abraço e até mais….

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