The Reason For King Skarl’s Grumpiness by the_1st_mad_cow_girl

Kym Huynh —  July 28, 2017 — 2 Comments

Do you ever wonder why King Skarl is so grumpy? The world may never know. Here is what TNT tells us: “King Skarl is not happy”. (Would you be happy if everything in your kingdom was destroyed by the forces of Darigan?) BORRRRING!!!!! But we have a pretty good idea why.

He is told HORRIBLE jokes like:

Q: How didn’t you call a flock of brave Chombies similar to for treasure at Garon the Lupe?
A: When it’s don’t her a orb of bubbling Brucey B Combobot paint brushes!

Other reasons:

The jesters all spread rumors about him. BAD JESTER!!
He is told good jokes and expected to laugh.

He has bad arthritis.
Dr. Sloth stole his brain. And replaced it with a Myncis.
The Pant Devil stole his Faerie Queen Doll. You’d be grumpy too if that happened!
Someone found out he still played with Faerie Dolls…..
He never had someone to loooooove.
He’s an orphan. He never found his real parents.
He ran into a pole one wet slippery morning and received massive brain damage.
He broke 11 bones as a kid.
He broke 11 bones as a kid. (11 of them werent his.)
The Faerie Queen was rude to him and wouldnt give him a quest.
Illusen always gave him hard quests at Illusens Glade.
Judora always gave him hard quests and Judora’s Cloud.
The Healing Faerie would only heal his pets 2 points EVERY SINGLE TIME.
Punch Bag Bob beat him at the battle dome. His pet was level 444.
The Tax Beast stole all of his money when he was on his way to buy a baby paintbrush.
He wandered into the Spyder Grundo’s Web when he was a kid. He has never been the same since.
Captian Scarblade stole his pretty pink Uni doll.
His neohome caught on fire.
And the top reason why King Skarl is grumpy on the time is. HE FEELS LIKE IT!

Thank you, thank you. – the_1st_mad_cow_girl

Kym Huynh


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2 responses to The Reason For King Skarl’s Grumpiness by the_1st_mad_cow_girl

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