Neopets News Humor by _a_tortured_me_ and spirit_of_whitewolf

Kym Huynh —  November 16, 2016 — Leave a comment

Kiko wounds all over Neopia heal and they take off their plasters only to reveal white tan marks.

Neopians all over the world reveal a hidden message by the giant sea slug saying; actual size. Officials tell them not to hate him for pretending that he is bigger than he actually is because this is due to the fact he was abused as a child and is under counseling for depression due to his size.

Officials at Roo island finally come to the conclusion building that building the island was a mistake because Dice-A-Roo already had a place in the games room.

In the Igloo Garage Sale game, Carassa finally finds out he could put the items in a box, go downstairs and politely hand them to Mika.

The mystery island mystic is sued for giving someone a distressing fortune.

The makers of the caption competition have mysteriously vanished as neopians globally issue a protest against never having captions to vote for until the day they are due to close voting lines, and never seeing their brilliant caption on the voting board.

Neopets has been taken over by the McDonalds advertising boom. The most recent red and gold Fuzzle (release date unknown) has been named McFuzzy.

Hannah discovers how to turn off the taps. (By TURNING the top bit.)

Glubgar realizes that there is no end to the tunnels in Volcano Run and decides it was a stupid idea to go in in the first place. – _a_tortured_me_ and spirit_of_whitewolf

Kym Huynh


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