Advent Calender 2002

Kym Huynh —  October 17, 2015 — 4 Comments

Advent Calender 2002
December 1st

White Kougra Plushie & Tree Shaped cookies & 1000 Neopoints

December 2nd

Brandy Butter & Pull Along Gelert & 100 Neopoints

December 3rd

Gingerbread Mynci & Fire Faerie & 150 Neopoints

December 4th

Seasonal Pudding & Snow Wars Collectable Card & 50 Neopoints

December 5th

Squeaky Rubber Bruce Toy & Rainbow Snowball & 200 Neopoints

December 6th

Flaming Oven Gloves & Snowbunny


Flaming Oven Gloves & Blue Fir

December 7th

Deluxe Candy Cane & Fireplace & 80 Neopoints

December 8th

Chocolate Tree & Snow Chia Sculpture & 40 Neopoints

December 9th

Biscuit Assortment & Holly Wreath & 300 Neopoints

December 10th

Mika and Carassa Mug & Jazzmosis Xmas Special Ticket & 800 Neopoints

December 11th

Tree Shaped Crackers and Cheese & El Picklesaur Plushie & 500 Neopoints

December 12th

Christmas Wocky Plushie & Gingerbread Wocky & 250 Neopoints

December 13th

Woolly JubJub Hat & Jelly Bean Stocking & 400 Neopoints

You also find a Rod of Supernova

but as you to go pick it up, the Pant Devil appears and runs off with it ­čÖü

December 14th

Snowman & Mint Chocolate Tree & 300 Neopoints

December 15th

Clockwork Quiggle & Decorated Tree & 160 Neopoints

December 16th

Pot Of Peanuts & White Elephante Plushie & 200 Neopoints

December 17th

Cherry Brandy Truffles & Snow Chia Plushie & 500 Neopoints

December 18th

A Faerie Christmas & Two Dubloon Coin & 400 Neopoints

December 19th

Krawk Goodie Bag & Turkey and Cranberry Omelette & 100 Neopoints

December 20th

Cranberry Sauce & Sticky Snowflake & 500 Neopoints

December 21st

Medicinal Mud Bath & Filled cookie Jar & 200 Neopoints

December 22nd

Cobblestone Bridge & Year 5 Stamp & 100 Neopoints

December 23rd

Assorted Coconut Balls & Eyrie Goodie Bag & 400 Neopoints

December 24th

Deluxe Tonu Cracker & Sinsis Crown & 350 Neopoints

December 25th

Balthazar Plushie & Christmas Petpet Paint Brush & 1000 Neopoints

December 26th

Winter Woolies Usuki Set & Chocolate Brucicle & 250 Neopoints

December 27th

Kiko Cracker & Gold Chocolate Coins & 400 Neopoints

December 28th

Walking Book & Snow Faerie Snowglobe & 450 Neopoints

December 29th

Asparagus Gateaux & Orange & 150 Neopoints

December 30th

Blue Orange Chia Pop & Dr_Death Plushie & 90 Neopoints

December 31st

Year 5 Stamp & Year 5 Usuki & 1500 Neopoints

Kym Huynh


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4 responses to Advent Calender 2002

  1. Holy conisce data batman. Lol!

  2. Go for it my man. As writers we seem to want everyone to love us and fear when someone won’t. My experience with my blog has been the opposite. I love the people that offer honest feedback and fear the ones who understand me. Haha

  3. Watching SunTV news at noon today at the end of the segment they had a really funny photo of Ignatieff and some of this candidates at a long table (shot in black and white from the front) and the comment from the fellow (from out west) was that it looked like the picture of The Last Supper but this would be Ignatieff’s Last Supper.Very funny. It’s supposed to be up on SunTV’s website…..although I haven’t checked to confirm that.

  4. Orzammar and the Anvil of the Void quest were definitely the most interesting part of DA:O. But it seems as if these are many of the same people who hated DA2 and now blame her for how DA2 went “wrong” (read: not catering to straight male hero fantasies).But even if she were a hack, she wouldn’t deserve this harassment.

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