When Neopets Is Down by princess_night52

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You sit yourself comfortably in the computer chair, humming to yourself a happy tune. Todays the day when you have the computer all to yourself! You type in the address of the website and you get to see the homepage. New event! Somebody has just neomailed you. You move your cursor and click to read the whole message. Woah! Neopets is down! You refresh and refresh so many times that you go beserk, but youre still stuck at that hated page.

How long do I wait when something disastrous like this happens?

It depends. Look at the page and check. Is it the one that says you have to wait for (?) minutes/hours? Or is it the one that says Neopets Is Temporarily Unavailable? If its the first one, then wait for that time limit. If its the second one, lets try 30 minutes then. You can lengthen the time if you want, because theres no guarantee that Neopets can work within 30 minutes.

Hey! I dont want to wait for 30 minutes! Can I keep refreshing the page?

Never did I stop you! Your hand may ache the whole day from pressing that button with your mouse, but thats your choice. You may also press the F5 button to refresh your page. I prefer the F5 button, its not so tiring. I still advise you to wait and then try again.

What do I do during that time then?

Well, the screen will come up with all sorts of games that you can play. You may play some of those, but please note NO NEOPOINTS WILL BE GIVEN OUT WITHIN THAT PERIOD OF TIME! Whats the point of playing them then? Well, you may practice on them and the fun part is, the games are much quicker and faster than the usual ones we play, so you may try to practice on them!

Go to Neopets Related Sites! Yes, sites like PPT, the best of all! Hehe, of course, you may go to other Neopets Related Sites to see how different they are. You might even catch some new tips there!

Go to other websites! Surf the net and find other websites which are fun and good for you to play! Since Halloween is coming, why dont you surf the internet to find some spooky sites, which when Neopets is back up, you can show all your friends at the message board and give them a BIG treat!

Rest your eyes. Ok, that may sound silly, but if youve been playing the computer for a really long time, I suggest you stop for a while. Nobody wants eyes with REALLY high degree, do they?

Create some articles or stories. Who knows? It may get on the site that you want! If you want to, practice writing and think of imaginative ideas! When Neopets is back up, you may send the article in to the Neopian Times, which you may have a chance to enter! You may also draw some creative pictures, which you can enter into the Beauty Contest and the Neopian Times!

There are many things that you can do when Neopets is down. Well, so long, my duration is up and I want to refresh the page! Bye! – princess_night52



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