Understanding the Neopian Classes

Kym Huynh —  October 14, 2017 — 1 Comment

In life, there are three distinct classes in any given society. The upper class (The rich), the middle class, and the lower class (The poor). This is no different than Neopia, which also has three classes. The three classes are not removed from one another, rather, they live in a symbiosis which allows the others to continue functioning. In the case of Neopia, the classes revolve around one major thing- Faerie Quests. This is not to say there aren’t other factors involved, however, this is the major one of importance.

During a Faerie Quest, the typical ‘noob’, or player of the lower class, will run to a Neopian mall- and spend 2000 or more of their hard earned NeoPoints to purchase an item to fulfill their quest. The item they purchase is often worth less than 100 NP on the shop wizard, but unfortunately during a Quest they are unable to use that tool.

The malls are a domain of the rich, upper class Neopians. The rich get Neopians to flock into their malls to finish Faerie Quests, by advertising on the notice boards. Often, many rich Neopians share in the purchase of a top viewed advertisement, linking users to their shops full of overpriced items. The largest shops also get extra coverage, and often malls become entangled with these shops, in the Neopian marketplace.

All these items have to come from someplace, of course. Rich Neopians don’t want to spend all day restocking these massive malls. Rather, they rely on the hard work of the middle class to do it for them. The middle class buys items from all over the Neopian shops, and put them in their own stores at a fair price, or in massive lots in the trading post. The upper class mall owner, either via the Shop Wizard, or using a store he has reliably used in the past, will buy up all the items he needs in one convenient stop, to refill his mall.

Will you ever be part of the upper class, raking in money off the lower class through your mall? Probably not. The vast majority of players belong to the lower class, and few of the players in the middle class will ever get up to the level that players with years of saving and experience are already at. This doesn’t mean you can’t try, only that it’s an uphill battle.

In short- the Lower Class earns mediocre amounts of NP by playing games and free daily activities. The middle class earns NP by buying from Neopian shops, and reselling those items for a reasonable profit. The upper class purchases from the middle class, and then profits enormously from the masses of lower class players who purchase those items from them at an incredibly inflated price.

Without the middle class, the upper class would have to do far more of the leg work to keep their malls stocked, but without the lower class, the upper class could not exist in the way it does now. And without the upper class, the middle class would have no one to sell their goods to, and the lower class would have a much more difficult time fulfilling faerie quests. It is all dependent on one another.

That’s all there is to it, in a nutshell. There are of course, complications, and exceptions, but if you’re looking to move up the classes, this at least gives you an idea of where you are now, and where you want to be. Good luck, everyone. – DragonDoodies

Kym Huynh


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