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Kym Huynh —  November 3, 2017 — Leave a comment

PPT is a very fun, cheerful and helpful environment. But it is also a heavy carrier of Npdictus. Npdictus is a very, very bad disease, if you have it all you care about is making NPs. Before you click the back button just take a little while to read this. Just yesterday I concentrated on making NPs. But then I realized I was getting caught up in making NPs. I realized I came here to have fun and I am, but are my pets? I created every one of them and I used to love them. A lot of neopians were just like I was till I realized it. I’m taking my neopets for granted. If you think you mite have this serious disease here’s a few syndromes

1. You have sold all there things.
2. You don’t bother to feed them. If you do “feed” them you put them in a neolodge for a day, the cheapest you can find.
3. You no linger play nor groom them.
4. You restock your shop everyday.
5. If your case is really serious you haven’t raise there level in forever, if you get a codestone you sell it.
6. If your case is terribly serious once you get a paintbrush that you always wanted you sell it.
8. You mite not want to share your money making secrets because someone else might take your tip.

If you do no t have any of these symptoms congrats! 🙂 If you have these symptoms, I have 3 things to say and I hope they help.

1. Do you love them or not, decide now…
2. Go buy all your neopets things back! 🙂

Warn all of your pets and neofriends of npdictus! – Elane105

Kym Huynh


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