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Kym Huynh —  January 23, 2014 — Leave a comment

Illusen. Sure shes poked a hole in our wallets. A hole that keeps getting bigger and bigger. But now that her quests are gone what’s going to happen to her? To her quests? Here’s my theory.

Well, shes just going to disappear why not? Easy. Illusen isn’t going to disappear. Shes a faerie. A living faerie (OK if you’re confused just remember that this is Neopets. Play along.) So, now you’re thinking, Well, if you’re so smart, whats going to happen to her?

Its really quite simple. Not including Meridell, there are nine worlds. Why doesn’t she go to one of those places, rebuild her Glade, and live happily ever after again?? Sounds good to me. But which one will she choose?? If you think about it, its a hard choice. Where should I go? Here’s where and where not she should take her quests to and (what I think) a pretty good explanation of it

Krawk Island. Easy. Personally, I think this pirate-infested island should be one of Illusen’s last choices. Why? Another easy question. Knowing Illusen, shes not the type that’s interested in fat pirates that have eating contests, a swashbuckling academy that’s being run by a one legged Eyrie, and have you looked at the water lately? Next to the haunted woods, Id say that Krawk Island is the gloomiest place in Neopia. Now, lets take a look at some of Illusen’s gifts that she gave you if you completed her quests. Cucumber Eye Cream, Rainwater Shampoo, Leaf Taco? These don’t seem like very gloomy items to me. Clearly, Illusen would not be happy at Krawk Island.

Well why not the Lost Desert? Its nice there. Friendly people (pets, that is). Why not? Back to the topic of the things Illusen likes to have and give. From my opinion, Illusen seems to like things that have to do with nature. well, she is an Earth Faerie, isn’t she?? Last time I checked, the Lost Desert was covered with sand. Am I wrong?

Well, if you’re going to be picky about it, why cant she go to Tyrannia? Well, do you think Ahh-aka-aka-gal! sound very pleasant to Illusen? I don’t think so. Maybe she should choose a less primitive place to live

OK, now you’re just being STUBBORN! Why not Faerieland??? I mean, Illusen IS a faerie right? Well, if u got to know Illusen, you would know that Illusen does NOT care for Dark Faeries. Nowhere does Jhudora, the most popular Dark Faerie, live? Bingo. One of the biggest reasons Illusen moved to Meridell was to get away from those Dark Faeries, so I don’t think Faerieland would be one of her top choices.

Terror Mountain? If Illusen went there, her Rose Shake would be more like a Rose Popsicle. Being the nature lover that she is, I don’t think Illusen would care for Terror Mountain. To top that, there’s already a faerie there that is running quests. Why would Neopets put Illusen there?

Virtupets Space Station why not? Do you know who is in charge of it? This evil base is being run by Dr. Sloth do you think Illusen wants anything to do with him???

The Haunted Woods. Why do you even ask? The Haunted Woods are, well, haunted!

OK, were running out of choices. How about Mystery Island?? Well, yeah, there’s definitely a lot of nature, I cant argue with that. But don’t you think that the island is crowded enough? It already has a Kitchen Quest, a Trading Post, a Market Place, and even a tour. I don’t know where they could fit in another quest there. Plus, Mystery Island isn’t much less primitive than Tyrannia, in my opinion. My guess is no.

Well, we got the point. Illusen doesn’t like any of those places. But there’s one place that we haven’t touched yet. Jelly World!!!! Jelly World definitely sweet. Not too much for nature, but BRAND NEW! Neopets finished the war, destroyed parts of Meridell, and opened part of Jelly World all in matter of a couple of weeks. Coincidence? I think not. Illusen was meant to live in Jelly World.

And that’s it. Now you know my theory, and I hope you give it some thought J. Feel free to give me any questions or comments. I would also love to hear your opinion. – cjcooliogurl

Kym Huynh


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