Guilds and Their Members by Faith

Kym Huynh —  September 9, 2017 — Leave a comment

Many people on Neopets belong to a guild. Weather it’s being a member or actually running one with councils assistance. No matter what the genre of the guild the main goal is to bring people of similar likes together. Rather like building a online community.

While the notion of a guild and it’s members being good friends, almost like family. The truth sometimes is this isn’t the case. Every guild has it’s rules and where there are rules you can find rule breakers. Some may find this issue a silly one, when after all no one can change the way things are. But guilds can end up loosing members .. friends through people’s lies, deception and unpleasant behavior.

Members from any and every guild could say there is someone they have a certain dislike to. Weather it’s there annoying. Or they choose to ask things that are answered clearly somewhere accessible to them. But how many could say that there has been member(s) in there guild that have been a real problem?

So any Neopians that could actually have a answer to that question. Neomail me and tell me about it. Or even if you just have a view on the subject. Anyone that sends me a answer to my question, It doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed. And of course any usernames of people involved wont be used, for the reason of privacy and respect. Please make clear in your mail if you would like your view to be included in a column when i revisit the subject, and if you would like your name to actually be used. – Faith

Kym Huynh


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