Going For What You Want by Kayla

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I have been on Neopets for five years and have had many accounts hacked into and things like that. Neopets has frozen my accounts and little things like that. It is tough to get through it all, really you just have to brush it off your shoulders and make a new account. Make it the best there is if you really want to show how much you love and are mad at Neopets, if that makes any sense. For the people out there with goals on Neopets, fulfill them. Don’t take like five years to do it. Go on every day and earn over 10,000 neopoints a day! It is really easy if you set your mind to it. Neopets is fun, and it should be REALLY fun, but when the newbies or NOOBS come in, it is still fun because they are just trying to figure out WHAT to do.

Here is a Short Story!

Captain Babiie, the only FEMALE pirate on the ship, gives out orders to her brothers, Sir Jagger and Sir Jack. They always follow her outrageous orders too, cleaning the floors, doing the dishes, killing sharks, all sorts of crazy things that only pirates would do, until one day they meet a new ship, The Enemy. (Yes, I know, tragic name.)

Oh Captain Babiie has waited for this day to come, for the encounter with The Enemy. She was ready to blow the enemy right out of the sea. She had the cannons and the sails and the PINK flag with skulls and crossbones hanging from the top of the ship. Oh, was she ready!

But little did she know that her whole crew has vanished out of thin air, including her brothers, Sir Jagger and Sir Jack. She was HOPELESS as the ship was gaining on her fast, and all she could do was stir the boat. But when she noticed it was too late, The Enemy was on the tail of her boat, and she fainted…

The story will continue if I get picked. Haha, it will be good, I promise!

Tips on Neopets

Let’s see. DONT GIVE UP! It is tragic when you do. If you give up on a game on Neopets, be sad because once you realize how easy it is, you get better at it. Don’t get frustrated when people have more friends or better sites than you, it just creates a whole world of drama. Haha, you never want that.

Now on the game DUBLOON DISASTER, there is something you SHOULD remember when the attack ships get out of hand. Simply go to a far corner where there are no attacking ships around and type SCALLYWAG, and then they will all just POOF. It is amazing! Haha, I use it all the time, and it really is not cheating.

Another Short Story

Well, as Jasmine the Poogle and William the Gelert played in the park, they noticed a strange noise in the bushes. They stopped playing with the new pink bouncy ball they have gotten from their friends and checked it out. As William was shaking in fright of seeing something he didn’t want to see, he walked away from the brave and almighty Jasmine. Jasmine wasn’t afraid of anything!

So as she was getting closer and closer to the berry bush, she noticed something quite odd. There was a piece of clothing lying on he floor in front of her, but the problem was that there were no people around. As she walked into the bushes, there on the ground was about the most CUTEST little Baby Shoyru!

Ah, yes, a Baby Shoyru sitting and drinking some green colored drink. When she realized it was nothing scary, she went back out to get William in order to show him what she had discovered.

William then had enough courage to see what it was, and he fell absolutely in love with it. Now it is his new pet named Covu.

That whole day they played with Covu and made a new friend. – Kayla



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