Faeries in a Neopian World by diva_brat

Kym Huynh —  February 13, 2018 — Leave a comment

Let us reflect upon faeries. I shall take an in-depth look at them, after all faeries tend to be highly looked upon in the Neopian world today, so I don’t think they’ll mind my staring. Simply put, faeries control the quests, special abilities, clouds and glens, heck, even their own land. And on top of this they also have their own scratch card, toys and dolls, and highest of all a paintbrush! But how much do we really know about these winged, well mostly winged, beings? Let us dive right in.

First lets reflect upon just how useful they are, starting with the quests. You go track down a faerie from some where on the far reaches of Neopian and they ask you to help them on a quest. So you say, Sure Ill do it! you rub youre hand gleefully together and think Hotdog Im gonna get a ton of np and some really cool items out of this! So you go trotting off to track down some dumb chocolate, if you’re lucky that’s all it’ll be, pay between 400-9000np for it and get all the way back to the faerie and give it to her. (Notice how theyre all hers? Whats wrong, cant there be male faeries? Its not sissified is it? Is there some un/written rule about it? Anyways moving on.) So you finally find your way back to this faerie who sent you on this long quest in the first place and she either thanks you or says what took you so long and you were only gone 5 minutes After all they do put you on such a short time limit. Lets just pretend its Taelia who sent you on this quest, so you go to get your reward after making sure you have all the expensive, yes expensive, I dont care if it was just 2000np for the chocolate, items with you and hit “I have your ingredients!”, (Ingredients? just what are they doing?). So she thanks you and gives you the reward. Wow!!! I so totally wanted a yellow snowball, (yellow? Yeah let me think on that one for a sec Um Better yet maybe I wont), somewhere around 60-1000np, anything above 500np and youre really lucky, and sometimes you even get an item like a piece of food or a toy, or something of that sort, (its been a while since Ive actually done a quest). And so you run down to the shop wizard and type in the item hoping just hoping its something incredible valuable, just to find out you could have bought it yourself for 25-500np from anybody on neopets. But you know what? Thats okay because now youre in good favor with the “O so Special Faeries above!” Who cares if you just blew thousands of np? You helped a faerie out!

Now to the special abilities, now these I actually happen to like to a degree. Sure bottled faeries, (how convenient eh?), are expensive, 2500-4000 a pop, but they work a wonder of miracles! After all if it werent for a bottled earth faerie my Lenny wouldnt know Tough Skin, now would it? And its such a special move! A wooden blocking shield that costs around 5np cant do but a little better! So its worth buying a bottled faerie simple because thats always with your pet, you never have to equip/unequip it! And besides, isnt it such a special experience for your pet to have actually met a faerie in person, er species, pet…? I thought so! Now if your pet is higher up in levels you can use faeries to get useful abilities, such as life leech or heal, which are useful, and I admit cheaper than buying certain items. BUT, you have to be a certain level, which cost np. So in the end wouldnt it just be cheaper to buy the item that does the same thing?

Getting back to quests, let look at a certain 2 quest givers, Jhudora and Illusen. These two have an interesting relationship with each other. Simply said, they hate each other. But they have great quests! Or do they. For a minimal fee you can gain the privilege to go and search for often times an overpriced item in the far reaches of Neopia only to return and often get next to nothing in return. Sure once you get to the higher quests, my favorite being #20, you can get a decent item such as the revered Honey Potion, one of my favorite battledome items of all times! But it still costs you ALMOST as much as it would to simply buy it from another player. And since you have such a short amount of time to gain the item often times its very close when you get back to the location where you started. One time I was on a higher level and had just bought the item, I actually had it in my inventory, when my computer crashed. There went all the time and np I had invested in the quests. By the time I had booted the computer back up and got back to the task giver she, (theres that she again, when are we going to get some male faeries?), was upset that I was 4 minutes late and made me start all over again! Not very kind and faerie sounding to me How about to you?

Lets now turn our thoughts, or rather our browsers, to Faerie Land!!! What a magical place! Here we can play faerie games, go on a quest, spin the wheel, get healed and all because we are so lucky as to be blessed by these faeries! I feel so special! Seriously now, whats the point of this place? I mean, why isnt Illusen living there if its such a great place? Instead she decides shed rather live in a land that is being stricken with war. Her glen cant exactly be getting the same amount of participants, what with the villagers being burdened with a war on their hands, (paws, hooves, whatever it is they have), now can she? But turning our thoughts more directly back to the wonderful land of the faeries. Was it really necessary to spend time discovering the land in the clouds above? Couldnt that have been better spent elsewhere? Oooh! It could have been spent on creating male faeries! Oh well, whats done is done!

And because we are so infatuated with faeries its led to a whole line of faerie merchandise, such as dolls, snow globes, scratch cards, battledome items, and of course the paintbrush which has got to be one of the best sellers of all faerie items! And we pour out tons upon tons of np for these things. Simply because they are faerie. Now if youll excuse me I need to go to the healing springs, visit Illusen, on and my Eyrie has been begging for a new light faerie, so I need to go buy that, and I simply must have a game of Faerie Bubbles before I get offline, and is just me or does a faerie burrito sound good? *puts on her Fyora necklace, grabs her faerie poogle to cuddle, and pulls out her faerie notebook covered with faerie stickers, picks up the faerie pen, and begins to record which Neopets TCG faerie cards she has…* – diva_brat

Kym Huynh


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