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Kym Huynh —  May 21, 2018 — Leave a comment

There are many wonderful avatars that grace the Neopets site currently but there are a few that they are lacking, or at least some of us think so. Do you ever wonder why there isnt an avatar for this or an avatar for that? I know I have. One avatar I would really like to see would be a stock market avatar. Another would be a book related avatar. What about a restocking avatar?

We Neopians should get together and begin requesting those long awaited avatars from the editorial or on the chat boards until eventually some of them are released. I have a few ideas about different avatars I would like to see, I mean really see, and would even try to collect them.

During my dreams of avatars I have pictured about 3 good ones for the stock market. My first pictured avatar would be one you could get randomly on any of the stock market pages, it looks kind of like the ticker that runs across all the pages, except that it wouldnt be an updated ticker (unless TNT could manage to code that it would be awesome if they could but I doubt it is possible.) Just the little ticker avatar would be cool. The second avatar I thought up for the stock market could only be gotten randomly on days when the stock market was down (in the red.) It pictures Nigel in his shiny red convertible moving down a road with the words Stock Market being spelled out, then suddenly he hits a wall and the word Crash pop up on the little window with like a cloud around it. The third stock market avatar I thought up would be awesome for those of us that invest a lot in the stock market, it would be one you could only get when your portfolio reaches a certain number of stocks, maybe 50,000 or something. The avatar would be like piles of coins that steadily grow bigger and bigger then the word Invested pops up over the coins. I also think it would be snazzy if you could get avatars for each of the companies that you can buy stocks for, although I havent pictured what they might look like and not sure exactly how TNT might hand them out maybe you would have to buy a certain number of stocks in that company before unlocking it.

There are quite a few Neopians that invest millions of neopoints into reading books to their pets and yet there is currently no book avatar. I think a book avatar might be a tad bit bad since it could cause the price of books to sky rocket but I think those that have read to their pet deserve an avatar of their own. I think they should have an avatar for reading a certain amount of books to your pet, although not as high as the book award list since quite a few of the books are unbuyable and it would be costly. Although it might be cool to get random avatars for certain types of books like while reading a lost desert book you might get an avatar with scrolls that disappear in puffs of colored smoke.

I know that they have the faboo Uni avatar and the chocolate avatar but do these really resemble restocking? I think they should have an avatar for those 1337 restockers out there. It could be a random avatar you get when shopping in a store or maybe an avatar you get when you buy an item that is an unbuyable or rarely restocked one. Something that screams out I restock. I may not be a restocker myself but I wonder why these Neopians who tend to be the richer types dont have their own unique avatar when there are so many other avatars out there.

I personally would love some Multiplayer Competition Game avatars, for those of us that play the games as often as possible why isnt there a Geos, Armada or Kacheekers avatar? Maybe you could unlock the avatar by visiting your user lookup after getting a trophy or randomly while playing it either way getting one would be great or even combine all three into one avatar. Spelling out Multiplayer with scenes of theKrawk playing armada, the Kacheek in Kacheekers and a few Geos shapes.

Another great avatar that should exist is a Neopian Times one and I dont mean for writing an article I mean for those of us that are avid readers, perhaps even a separate one for those of us that read the editorials every week. I am sure the best way to give out that avatar would be randomly so that you would have to look at the NT a few times before getting it I mean the Rorro and the Mystic have avatars why not the NT which is even more popular and has some meaning behind the words.

I really want a staff watcher avatar though, I have wanted one since I was waiting for the release of the Kois around Koi day. I think this avatar should only be given while randomly viewing the neocam. It would be great if you could see a staff member that is working over their computer then after a while (in animation) the staff worker slowly starts to doze over their computer then suddenly they jerk up and start working again.

The water faerie personally told me that she would love to have an avatar of her own, since Illusen and Fyora and a few of the other faeries have their own. She thought it would be a great random event while she cured pets and would be nice if the avatar said something like Cured. Since the water faerie was speaking out Jhuidah also told me she was wondering when they would give out an avatar for mixing items, she loves the retired avatar that was made for the Mystery Island plot but it is sort of degrading. This lead me to wonder why the Kitchen Chef doesnt have an avatar since Edna and the Snow Faerie also have avatars but he was busy cooking so I didnt bother him, Pango Pango might be extremely hungry.

After all this pondering I started wondering why the shop wiz and auction genie dont have avatars. After all the hard work they do looking things up for all those Neopians dont they deserve an avatar that says I helped you the Soup Faerie has one after all and she doesnt even find the cheapest items for you. Another avatar that should be released soon, perhaps TNT has planned it already is a Lost Desert Scratch card Kiosk one, I mean if you can give Sssidney one why not give that nice little Cybunny in the desert one?

I am sure that many other Neopians have thought the same as I have and I know that many of the resident Neopians: The Water Faerie, Jhuidah and others (that have asked that their names be withheld) are asking where their avatars are. Is it up to us to demand them or is TNT already planning the release of some of them? We can only wait, watch and wish. Thanks for taking the time to read. – felicalittle

Kym Huynh


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