Addiction or Not? When it is Time to Stop Playing Neopets For a While by Ellie

Kym Huynh —  February 18, 2018 — 1 Comment

This is a guide about addiction to Neopets and when it affects your life. I would like to point out the things I’ve seen on users who play Neopets. They might not even realize what they’re doing, so here it is:

*Have you ever achieved a goal, for example, bought that paintbrush you’ve always wanted? You were so happy that you even went to the boards and told everyone about it, but what happens when this happiness goes too far?*

Trophies: A Neopets poll states that a user lookup shines more because of painted pets, NOT trophies. Trophies are nice. I mean who doesn’t want to get one because of the hard work! Trophies are nice to have, but don’t go around making people feel bad when you have about 20 trophies and they have only 2. Bragging isn’t always a good thing. Feel good about what you’ve achieved, but don’t make it part of your whole life. Trophies are just virtual pictures. Not real life. Keep in mind most people get those trophies through cheating, and the rest because of hard work, so really you might think “woah, he has 25 trophies” because you thought he earned them himself, but in reality, he might’ve only earned 10 by himself, the rest through cheating or who knows how (yes this is actually true, ever wonder why most users agree that one of the games it’s actually IMPOSSIBLE to get a 20,000,000 on? Unless it’s through cheating?) But hey, some people actually ARE good at games. Don’t let the fact of having 50 trophies control your life. When you grow up or quit Neopets, those trophies won’t matter anymore and hopefully you won’t lose them through hacking.

Avatars: Let’s get some things clear hear. Avatars are very nice to have, specially if you go on the boards very often, that way you can show them off, BUT getting an avatar first doesn’t make you better than anyone. It’s GREAT that you got it first and you should be proud, but don’t put others down because of it. How do you know you got it first, though? Some people don’t like to tell everyone they got the avatar first because of whatever reason. Don’t let this control your life either. In real life, I bet you are not the first at everything. Are you? Would you like it if someone put you down because they got something first or placed first at a competition? Even write it everywhere for all to see? Think about that. Remember your karma.

Items and Neopoints: Having expensive items and millions of neopoints it’s AMAZING. Who doesn’t wanna be rich! But for some people these have actually become their life. Remember everything on Neopets is pixels. Again, having tons of stuff doesn’t make you better than anyone else. Learn how to invest and help others because I’m sure you didn’t earn EVERYTHING yourself. People might’ve helped you. Don’t let this control your life or become your life. Worry about becoming rich in the real world. Play Neopets for fun.

Notice boards: I’m sure everyone have been or ever posted an ad for their shop, guild, etc on the notice boards. For the people who invest 4 million on an ad. Please remember most users can’t even afford 100,000! Spending 4 million on an ad just to be first it’s way beyond ridiculous. People look at at least the 10 first pages, so that means chances are, they always look at the 10k ads as well. Give everyone a chance PLEASE!*WARNING* always check the wiz before you buy anything from a shop that’s been published using 4 million or more on the notice boards. I’ve noticed that those shops are way overpriced. A bottled faerie that’s actually worth 4k is sold on those shops for 8k. ALWAYS check the wiz unless you already know the average price. Yes, they have the right to set their prices however they want, but don’t pay 10k when you can pay 3k.

This probably might’ve sounded a bit mean, but let’s be realistic. Neopets is just for fun. It isn’t your life. One million neopoints it’s just 1 million virtual points. It is great to have them, but it’s not real money. Don’t let it control you. Don’t get so addicted to the website. Do your homework first, then you have all the time to play Neopets. Don’t let it control your life to the point you’d rather get on Neopets to earn enough to stuff to brag than work for a future in the real world. Also remember karma. And treat others as you’d like to be treated. I mentioned before that bragging is a good thing…for a couple of seconds and as long as afterwards you keep it for yourself. Would you like it if someone bragged about something you’ve always had? That’s how it feels. Believe it or not people do get affected by this. Ever seen those users posting if someone would give them a paintbrush? That’s one example as to how this whole “having it all on Neopets” is great.

The hypocrisy: It is against the rules to giveaway items. Or is it? Don’t complain about those who ask for items on the boards where you are actually giving and also asking for items. I was in a guild before and the guy leader got more than 10 million nps and 10 other million worth in items. Why? Just because. Wait, I thought giving away stuff was against the rules AND most users report others when they’re actually trying to help newbies or others. Be fair. Giveaways are against the rules NO MATTER THE SITUATION. If someone made you a user lookup and as a thank you you want to send that person an item, that’s fine, as long as the other person agrees. But, if you do something because you want to and even state the fact that “you get what you give,” and accept millions of stuff even though you said that thing you did was “Free” then it’s not fair. FREE means FREE. Not receiving even if they beg you for it is called honesty. Remember sometimes this is a trap in order to report you. If you expect something in return for your work, then say so. Don’t say it’s free then accept everything every user on Neopets give you. Also if someone gets frozen for a reason. Don’t send that person nps and make that person rich. That person should learn a lesson, if not then that person will keep doing the same thing all over again. Don’t reward them for breaking the rules. No matter what that person says, it is most likely to be a lie. Nowadays you cannot trust ANYONE.

I hope you like this guide on how to behave properly. Make the site actually fun. Don’t ruin lives. – Ellie

Kym Huynh


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