Avatars: They’ve Ruined Neopia by Hanik732

Kym Huynh —  November 14, 2015 — 2 Comments

Avatars, since the day they’ve been out, they’ve just been wrecking Neopia. People have gone mad into collecting them. I myself was a heavy avatar collector, but then I realized, what is it worth? They ruined Neopia, absolutely ruined it. Yes, you might think I’m crazy, but let me explain my reasons before you call me crazy. So here are my reasons on how avatars have ruined all of Neopia and Neopets.

1: Game Scamming: The scammers have a huge opportunity for scamming now. Because the demand for certain game avatars have gotten so high, people are beginning to hire some stranger just so that they can play a game for them and get them an avatar. Why would anybody give their password up like that just for an avatar? This stranger now has a huge opportunity to take your neopoints, items, petpets, pets, whatever they wanted. They could even change your password and demand ransom for your account back. Yes, all this CAN and probably will happen just if you give away something as simple as your password.

2: Lending Scammers: So, you see a generous person on the avatar board lending the MSPP card for only 800k! How sweet of them, the card costs well over 8,000,000 neopoints and this very generous person is willing to take a risk. So, someone simply offers the 800K on her MSPP, and what happens, they don’t return it. Avatars have been opening doors for scammers. Someone can simply say that they’re a trusted person, and when they borrow the card, they simply take it and run off with it. Guess what, this scammer, is VERY rich now, and why, because of one simple scam. Yes, I know this is unbelievable, but I HAVE seen it happen, several times before, with an MSPP, FQD, and so many more items.

3: Inflation: Supply and Demand. There is a new avatar out! Wow, the “Fire Paw” avatar is out! I guarantee this, within the first hour the price of that card will shoot up. People want the avatar NOW, they must have it now, so what happens? The price of that card will shoot up, just because of an avatar. I’d be pretty upset if I was trying to sell that card for 300 neopoints, and then realized it was worth 100k the next day. Also, many people start rumors about certain items. For example, someone on the message board says that there is an unrealized avatar for the glamour negg. The price of the negg shoots up, and the person who said that there was going to be an avatar for it, they lied, and now, they sold their glamour negg for a high price. This again, shows how people can take the most common item, and inflate the price of it with a few sentences. This is a new scam in Neopia, and it came, from avatars.

4: Depression: “Oh Look, a new avatar, but awww, you need an Island Quiggle to get this one. Man, that’s another avatar I’ll never get *sigh* aww man, that’s another avatar I’ll never get. Wow, what to do, I have no avatars, and I really want more, what should I do, I don’t know Man, I really want that Orange Grundo avatar this sucks, I stink at all the games, I’m poor, I stink at all the games, I don’t have enough avatars, I’m so upset!” – Look at that, this person is upset because of an avatar, they would be playing games if avatars never came out. People I meet like this end up quitting Neopets. Why quit, because of a silly avatar? Yes, this is why they quit.

5: Lending Pets: So, your looking along the messege board, and you see someone lending a grey Jubjub. Their dream pet and their dream avatar that they got from the Lab Ray, they want to share it with people. Okay, there are several things wrong here. You MUST think about this first.

A: A grey paint brush costs 1,000,000 neopoints, are you willing just to risk 1,000,000 neopoints?

B: What if this person missed this pet at the pound, the auto adopt link doesn’t always work, sometimes you lag, refresh at the wrong times, most likely, someone else will get your pet.

C: Sometimes people ask for collateral for pets, if this happens, REPORT THEM! First of all, transferring pets is illegal, and they will most likely take the collateral before the pet, well, if you give them the collateral, how do you know they will give the pet back. Yet ANOTHER scam because of avatars.

D: Even if they promise not to take your neopoints, there is no guarantee that they will put the pet in the pound, and what if its your pet, and your lending it, do you honestly think that this person is going to give your pet back. Probably not.


6: Frozen: So, you hired somebody to play a game for you for neopoints, he gets into your account, and THANKFULLY doesn’t take anything, he does get you a spiffy new avatar! Well, you see, there is something called chain freezing, if this person logs into many accounts, every account he logged into from his IP address will be frozen. Trust me this has happened many times, to my closest friends, to my enemies, to everybody I knew.

So, you still think I’m crazy huh? Well, as you can see, all of this is happening because of avatars, a good friend once told me, “one is blinded by what he wants, when he should be seeing what he already has” Meaning, be happy with what you have, you don’t have to risk your account, you don’t have to risk getting frozen, you don’t have to risk losing your neopoints or anything. You shouldn’t have to exceed your limits for avatars, just play at the pace you want, and if you get an avatar well, congrats! But you shouldn’t go around Neopia seeking for avatars the whole time. Try something different, start a gallery, play a game, restock etc. Avatars aren’t everything.

I’m sure that most of you see how avatars wrecked Neopia. Avatars opened many doors for scammers, it’s making people upset, and depressed, it’s guiding people to freeze their accounts, and a lot more reasons.

I know most of you probably don’t agree with my theory about avatars wrecking Neopia, but just think about it. Is it all worth it, worth a few pixels on your screen, no, its not, nothing is, what’s most important is you enjoying Neopets.

Avatars Aren’t Everything!! – Hanik732

Kym Huynh


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2 responses to Avatars: They’ve Ruined Neopia by Hanik732

  1. Is this article outdated? I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to borrow/lend pets now, and the transfer system has been in effect for a while now. And the quick adoption link is no longer working

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