15 Ways to Get Back at the Pant Devil by lui_ghs

Kym Huynh —  May 11, 2018 — 2 Comments

Ever feel annoyed at the Pant Devil for stealing something? *mutters about some morphing potion* Well here are 15 ways to get him back for what he may have done to you. I have tried them all with my own pets and made him totally sorry for what he did. He even gave me the Morphing potion back eventually.

1: Well, seeing as he always steals the good stuff, buy a plushie or Toy version of something expensive, for example a Draik Transmogrification potion, and fill it with, well, whatever you like. Good examples: Carawool, Party poppers (that will shock him!). If you can, get the mad scientist to get you a Lab ray in a bottle or something similar. That way when he opens the potion, he could turn into something mutant and horrible! In his FACE!

2: Get an alarm on your bag. That way when he comes up to steal something you will know, and you can give him the right beating he deserves. I would suggest keeping a battle dung scoop with you at all times. Or Asparachucks. Anything that is painful, is good.

3: Carry a load of evil Fuzzles around with you. When he tries to steal one, hell get a big fright and run away screaming like a girl. I tried it. It works. He even dropped a Christmas Aisha morphing potion. *Evil grin*. If you want to be really mean, cover the evil Fuzzle with glue so it will stick. *Cackles*.

4: Carry any kind of Lenny morphing potion (bar faerie). I would suggest split or yellow. When he tries to steal it, force him to the ground and force him to drink the potion! MUAHAHAHAHA The evilness! He will then mutate into a Lenny! Then hell wish he had never been born!

5: This one could take a while. First you go to Test Your Strength and *by mistake* you roll a marble (or something like it) past Arnold. He will probably then go after it to try to nick it. At this point you take the big hammer (that’s after you’ve taken a paint brush) and run off. Then wait for the Pant Devil to come along and whack him on the head so he drops all the goodies. You might even get the Candy avatar, who knows. In fact, why not bring along the Asparachucks here as well. Or a beating stick.

6: You’ll have to wait a while for this one. Wait until its nearer valentines day, then buy a Mysterious Valentines Card or something soppy like that. Then, if you’re a girl, wait until he comes then give it to him. Then when he has fallen in love with you, go to him and take the card back on the day before Valentines Day. It’ll break him! *Mad scientist laugh*

7: Find a compressor! When he comes to you again, grab him and box him in somewhere. Then when you find a compressor, Compress him into a Nerkmid shaped Pant Devil. Then go to the Vending Machine.

Please select a Nerkmid

You have chosen to use: Ultra Platinum JERKMID XX

You get nothing, this was a rubbish Nerkmid. He is now some junk in an alien Aishas box. He is also classed as rubbish. Revenge is sweet.

8: Take a Huggy with you everywhere, because the Pant Devil cant stand cuddliness. When the Pant Devil comes near, get the Huggy to jump up and hug him. Hopefully, when he screams and runs off, hell drop something, maybe even the same thing he took from you in the first place!

9: When he comes to take something from you in Dice-a-Roo, just throw the dice at him. Lose! Oh dear! This means you will stop stealing stuff from Dice-a-Roo! All the magical and expensive items that you have have been given to the player playing the game.

10: When he next comes to steal something, don’t just let him take it like everyone does. Refuse to let him take the item. That will make him feel insignificant. And make you the ultimate boss of him. Now, totally take back all your stuff ( and other peoples stuff too, you can give it back to them or keep it for yourself. Or, just let the Pant Devil loose on other people to get you stuff).

11: Then of course there’s the simple way, get trained and go kick him all over the place in the Battledome. Ways of being trained quickly: Lab ray (only once per day), Training with codestones, and training with dubloons, using Coltzans shrine and when at a high level using faeries. Then go take a couple really nasty weapons like sayBATTLE DUNG!!! He wont like that. Then, with all of this, it should be a walk in the battledome to kick this guy to Faerieland and back.

12: Keep a sack with you wherever you go. When the Pant Devil strikes, stuff him inside the sack and tie it VERY tightly. When done, just saunter along normally and when you come across a bin of any sort, just shove the sack in, then find some heavy junk and put it on top of him. If you hear a muffled scream for mercy, ignore it.

13: Next time he comes for you, hold him to the floor, then wrap him up in boring old brown paper. Then stick a stamp on the wrapped up Pant Devil, and write Dr. Sloths enslavement and Lab testing room and on the back Not to be looked in or released from Dr. Sloths testing rooms. *Grins evilly* Serves him right.

14: Right, this one is evil. You get him in a sack like in 12, then you take a long journey across the Lost Desert. On your way, bang him into Coltzans shrine a couple times perhaps, try to get him wet in the river, whatever strikes your fancy. But the ultimate destination is dun Dun DUN! The temple of 1,000 tombs! Go far down, don’t forget to leave a trail so you can get out. Go really really far in now, then chuck the sack on the floor and escape quickly. He could be stuck for WEEKS!

15: OKk you’re now going ultimately evil now, this is only if you want to totally disintegrate the Pant Devil. Find a way to buy a Neonuke, then paint it with a paint brush so it looks like an expensive petpet. Then you keep the detonator. When he inevitable comes to steal your expensive petpet you watch him very very carefully. When he is far away from everyone, You only have to do one thing: Push that red button! KABOOM! Would you look at that. The Pant Devil is gone. CELEBRATE PEOPLE!

I hope you have enjoyed my ways. Feel free to neomail me suggesting any more ideas. Thank you, and GOOD NIGHT!

I hate that, when people do fake endings. The truth is, there really is no way whatsoever to get rid of the Pant Devil. The Pant Devil is some kind of invincible dictator ghost. This time its for real. Thank you and good night. – lui_ghs

Kym Huynh


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2 responses to 15 Ways to Get Back at the Pant Devil by lui_ghs

  1. Not much help. Where can I find Pant Devil?

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