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My name is Jared, and I'm the proud owned of Erythrotera, a red Shoyru. (It means red wing in Latin.) I've been on a few other wikis before, namely Uncyclopedia and Wikipedia, so I'm pretty sure I can be of use here.


Featured: Disease

Articles of Mine: Daily events, Advisor Broo, Giant Ghostkerchief, Cave Chia, Tekkitu the Witch Doctor, Plumbeard, Slug Monster, Mutated Chia, Evil Sloth Clone, The Drenched, Qasalan Mummy, Illusens Cream Cookie, Illusens Potion, Cucumber Eye Cream, Illusens Novel, Mud Mixture, Flower Cake, Rain Water Shampoo, Rose Shake, Earth Spell Book, Leaf Shield, Illusens Earth Potion, Honey Potion, Illusens Scroll, Illusens Blade, Illusens Orb Plant, Illusens Staff, Leaf Taco, Food, Weapon, Snowballs, Gourmet Club, Snowickle, Candychan, Wand of the Dark Faerie

Categories I've Made: Category:Battledome Opponents, Category:Lupes, Category:Eyries, Category:Chias, Category:Shoyrus, Category:Quiggles, Category:Nimmos, Category:Blumaroos, Category:Lutaris, Category:Cybunnies, Category:Bori, Category:Grarrls, Category:Techos. Category:Acaras, Category:Food, Category:Items, Category:Weapons, Category:Illusen's Glade Rewards, Category:Grooming, Category:Books, Category:Gallery of Evil, Category:Usuls, Category:Grundos, Category:Scorchios, Category:Plants, Category:Gourmet Food, Category:Kacheeks, Category:Jhudora's Quest Rewards, Category:Hidden Tower Items, Category:Retired

Articles I've Edited Heavily: Meuka, Balthazar, Count Von Roo, Hubrid Nox, Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby, Kastraliss, Ghost Lupe, The Miner Foreman, Snow Wars, Ghostkershield, Ghostkersword, Ghostkerbomb, Disease

Templates of Mine: Template:CharacterBox, Template:BattleInfo, Template:Faerie, Template:Construction, Template:TNT, Template:Wheels, Template:Merge, Template:NQ2, Template:DefendersOrder, Template:NQ2Boss, Template:GameInfo

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