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Campaigning against user-made crud being put in here indiscriminately. YEAH! (I'm a mean SOB).

On the plus side, this site could be nice - I do miss all the old stuff before Neopets got sickeningly capitalist and unoriginal.

Mah stuff: Autrey Fulse, Venuquin, Underwater Chef, Vela Binal, Princess Vyssa (major edits), Gadgadsbogen (major edits - Featured Article!), Gadgadsbogen Puzzle (m.e.), Harry (Techo), Lady Frostbite, Deckswabber (m.e.), Swarm (m.e.), Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back (m.e.), The Revenge, Usuki Frenzy (m.e.), Lucie, Valrigard, Judge Hog (m.e.), Petpet Rescue (m.e.), Ginny, Rock Beast (m.e.), Kalora (m.e.), kalahnto (m.e.), Lava Ghoul (m.e.).

Me (fugwoogle_hop): Loyal Darigan supporter, in the Meridell War and in the Altador Cup - keeping Lord Darigan article non-bias.