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Tormund (Tor for short) is a Yellow Lupe farmer from Meridell who dreamt to one day be a heroic knight instead of a simple farmer.

Plot Summary

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Main Article: Neopets: The Darkest Faerie


Act 1

Tormund was tasked by his father to take a package to Meridell. For his protection he was also given a wooden sword, and asked not to treat it like a toy but a real weapon to be used with honour, like any knight would. When he returns to ask for permission to be a squire, he hears his sister Lucy has wandered into the Shadowglen Woods and hasn't returned. Chasing after her, Tormund defeats the Juppie Plant Beast and bring Lucy home, proving to his parents he had great skill to be a warrior, and received their blessing to be a knight.

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After Tormund saved the saved the village of Cogham, King Skarl knights him, dubbing him "Sir Tormund", knight of third class. After Tormund recieves more training and rests, he awakens to find all the knights have went to Illusen's Glade to fight a threat, and have not yet returned. He finds the Old Knight, who prompts Tormund to go and help the knights. Tormund saves the knights and defeates Gnarfas, but the Werelupe King stole Illusen's Charm , leaving Illusen weakens and allowing The Darkest Faerie to take control of her and knock tormund from the treetops. When he awakens, he sees the dark clouds have spread all across Meridell.

Returning to Meridell Castle, Tormund find The Darkest Faerie, the Dark Faerie Sisters, and a possesed King Skarl in the throne room. The Faeries see and attack Tor, who barely escapes down a drain hole shown to him by Fauna (who was in disguise).

Act 3

Washing up on the beaches of Brightvale, Tormund meets up with Roberta as she falls from Faerieland. He finds she has a pair of the amulet he wears, and they start an adventure together.

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After Tormund and Roberta make it through Meridell castle and into the king's chambers, they defeat the Dark Faerie Sisters after Roberta neutralizes their defense with Fyora's Rod. She then uses Fyora's Rod to free King Skarl out of possession, who immediatly takes the rod from her and dispells the dark clouds over Meridell. After proclaiming how usefaul Fyora's Rod was, he throws it over his head, and Roberta saves it from falling to the floor. King Skarl then gives all the credit to himself and Tormund, while Roberta gets mad. When King Skarl walks away, Roberta calls Solarin to fly them to Faerieland to face The Darkest Faerie.

Upon reaching the captured Fyora, Roberta gives her Fyora's Rod, Fyora reveals herself as really the Darkest Faerie in disguise, when the real Fyora breaks free of her bonds and fights her. As the fight occurs, Fyora gives Tormund and Roberta orders to activate a teleporter to go to Altador and find Jerdana, which they do as Fyora is imprisoned in a bottle.

Act 4

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