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The Darkest Faerie (also known as The Sleeper, The Betrayer and Mistress of Nightmares) is a powerful Dark Faerie who was one of Altador's 12 great heroes before she betrayed them. She was so powerful she was sealed away at the bottom of the sea for 1,000 years by Fyora after she tried to force the kingdom of Altador under her rule. Since then her name has been forgotten, and is now simply referred to as the darkest and most evilest of all Faeries.

Plot Summaries

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Template:Spoiler During Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, The Darkest Faerie escaped from her imprisonment under the sea when Jerdana's Orb fell from her neck. Soon after that, she washed up on the shores of Meridell, claiming she was going to make everything dark and twisted. After Illusen's charm was stolen by the Werelupe King, nothing could stop The Darkest Faerie from taking over the land, and she quickly covered Meridell in a dark purple cloud, tainting all inhabitants under them with her evil.

Altador Plot

Template:Spoiler In the Altador Plot, users were required to find The Darkest Faerie's contellation, known as The Sleeper. Finding her constellation began to break down a spell that was cast over Altador to cover up it's history.

Book of Ages: Chapter 1, The Sleeper

The Darkest Faerie's Book of Ages portrait
Just as a hero must perform a heroic deed before he can be named as such, a villain must also do something terrible in order to earn such a title. The Betrayer was not always an evil being and was once even respected for her deeds. Long before the Great Betrayal, (in fact, before the founding of Altador), she earned her place among the twelve Founders by saving the life of King Altador himself.

A terrible menace was plaguing a peaceful farmland, and a hunter (the future king of Altador) journeyed forth to slay the beast. He tracked it back to its lair in a cave at the base of a mountain and there cornered it. Though the beast roared viciously, Altador did not falter.

Rather, he notched an arrow and let it fly, striking the beast squarely in the head. Even as the vile creature slumped to the ground, another of its kind snuck up on the unsuspecting Lupe. The noble hunter would have fallen then and there if not for a purple blast of magic. Startled, Altador spun around, just in time to see the other creature collapse. There, standing behind it, was a dark faerie... the Betrayer.

Altador thanked her graciously for saving his life. He had never witnessed such compassion on the part of a dark faerie before, so he bid her to return with him to his village, where they would feast and be praised as heroes.

TDF BOA Image.gif
Each carried the head of the beast they had slain to the village, and a grand celebration was held long into the night. Altador, realising what a unique ally he had acquired, asked her to stay and join him and his companions in fulfilling a dream he had of founding a great city. The Betrayer agreed, and though she would ultimately help to build the kingdom's august capital and serve the council well, nothing can make up for her terrible betrayal. She broke the king's heart, for no sword strikes as deep as the one wielded by a friend....


  • Random Events involving the Darkest Faerie...
    • The Darkest Faerie appears to be deep in thought and doesn't notice you. You'd better run before she finds you and... well, you don't want to know what will happen.
  • It was long thought the name of the Darkest Faerie was Jennumara, the Dark Faerie who had stolen the name of a Grey Faerie in her Neopedia article. However, this speculation was cleared in the editorial of issue 239 of the Neopian Times, stating they were two separate Dark Faeries.
  • Added to the Gallery of Evil on November 10, 2006.

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