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Preamble & Excuses[edit]

This template is intended for use on NeoQuest I NPC (not really bosses, with the exception of Faleinn) articles. The reason it's called "NeoQuest Infobox" and not "NeoQuest I Infobox" is because it can be expanded for use with NeoQuest II NPCs if/when we/I make the additional icons they need.

The template can auto-detect the name of the page, or it can be forced to use a specific name, should we have any disambiguated pages down the line (i.e. "Mr. Irgo (NeoQuest I)"...) and for the List of minor characters in NeoQuest I page (which still has to be done at time of writing).

It can take a url as an image, although as ideally images should be uploaded to the NeoDex it is able to take an [[Image:...]] image instead. The three icons - I realise now that the template was originally made for four but no NPC in NQI or NQII actually needs four, so I'll get rid of one of those after writing this - should be able to be called without a parameter name, but I had to use them anyway to get it to work so it's something I'll look into, but for now just specify the numbers.

In Brief[edit]

  • If the name of the article is different to the name of the character, use the name variable. If not, leave it out.
  • The image can be local or off the neopets' server directly. If it's local, don't give it a frame or a border or resize it or anything.
  • The IDNQ has an icon system identifying what each NPC can do. We're unashamedly pillaging said system and parading it about with a straight face =) (Sorry, Hunter!).
  • The next three variables specify the icons. They're based on the icons IDNQ uses, however we're not going to use the dollar-sign icon to indicate that the NPC trades - rather, we're only going to indicate what they trade (in NQI, armour or weapons).
  • Refer to the icons as weapon, quest, convo, or armour. I might make some contingency for that later. You can now use conversation or armor instead of "convo" or "armour", if you like.
  • If the character only wants one or two icons, leave the remaining variables unspecified.
  • Follow with the species and location of the character.


Example with use of "name" :-

Eleus Batrin
Species:   Kyrii
Location:   Neopia City

{{Infobox NeoQuest|name=Eleus Batrin
|location=Neopia City

Example without use of "name" :-

Infobox NeoQuest
Species:   Poogle
Location:   Neopia City

{{Infobox NeoQuest
|location=Neopia City

Any questions? --Macbeth 10:08, 21 November 2009 (UTC)

Is this template also meant to be used in NeoQuest II? If we use it in NQII, we could also add 2 additional icons called "inn" and "potion", since in NQII the NPCs sell potions and offer inns. --Pinkgirl 11:25, 21 November 2009 (UTC)
That's the plan, yeah =).
it can be expanded for use with NeoQuest II NPCs if/when we/I make the additional icons they need. 
But we'll have to make the inn and potion icons first (I'll make them, unless someone else wants a go? ;)). -Macbeth 16:31, 21 November 2009 (UTC)