Solitary Shanty

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The Solitary Shanty is the home of Gavril McGill and his Petpet Warf. It was the only part of the island that remained in its original location when Krawk Island disappeared.

Plot summary[edit]

Disappearance of Krawk Island[edit]

Main article: Disappearance of Krawk Island

The Solitary Shanty was the one part of the Island remaining after the rest of it disappeared on 20 July 2011. Users visited it to join Gavril in the search for the Island, who would issue the player with their sea chart.

Before and after searching each day, the player could return to Gavril to hear what he had to say about the investigation. On the second day, he had discovered an old book about Krawk Island, and noted that the searchers were finding lots of islets too small to be Krawk Island. By the third day, he revealed that the book explained Krawk Island was made up of many islets put together. He realised that these were the small islands the players had been finding and explained that he could put them together in a better order than before.

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