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Snargan the Castle Treasurer.

Snargan is a Green Skeith introduced on September 25, 2002 in the game Double or Nothing. He is King Skarl's treasurer, a typical job for Skeiths. To keep himself entertained during work, he challenges visitors of Meridell's castle to a game of Double or Nothing. He uses the very treasure entrusted to him to gamble, keeping the winnings as a little extra to his salary. He hates losing as he has to use his own money to make up for the lost part of King Skarl's treasure. Supposedly, he sometimes cheats by using a coin with tails on both sides.


During a game of Double or Nothing, Snargan says one of six different quotes depending on the situation. There are five different situations: before the game starts, when the result is Heads, when the result is Tails, when the player chooses to continue and when the player collects his/her winnings.

  • All of this money could be yours!
  • Fancy a game of chance?
  • Hey, you over there, fancy a gamble?
  • Hows about a game with old Snargan?
  • The King better not find me gambling with his money.
  • Wanna win a fortune? Get over here!
  • Hang on, that coin was supposed to have tails on both sides!
  • I demand a recount!
  • No, look closer, I think its tails...
  • So you think it's fine to rob a poor old Skeith?
  • Uggh!
  • You must have cheated...
  • Extra cheese on my burger tonight :)
  • Ha ha ha!
  • Hand over the cash :)
  • Heh heh heh, I just love to win!
  • I'll enjoy counting my winnings!
  • YES! Your money is mine!
  • X NP hinges on this toss of the coin.
  • X NP or nothing - only the coin can decide.
  • Go on - get tails... you know you want to lose X NP.
  • If you win this, you will have X NP!
  • I'm not paying you X NP, so you had better lose!
  • It's this toss for X NP.
  • Grrrr.. at least give me a chance to win it back.
  • Now don't go telling anybody that you won, ok?
  • Pah! Beginner's luck!
  • Take my money, won't you..
  • Well, I'll be eating stale bread for a week because of that...
  • You just got lucky...


  • An avatar featuring Snargan was released on September 26, 2005. It is obtained by collecting winnings of at least 320 Neopoints in Double or Nothing.

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