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The Quiguki-style boy and Quiguki-style girl

Quigukis are the malformed versions of the Usuki doll, based on the Quiggle. They were meant to be seen as ugly in comparison to the Usuki. The only way to get a Quiguki Quiggle is to use a Usuki Paint Brush on your Quiggle. This colour is not available from the Fountain Faerie or the Lab Ray.

Quigukis were introduced by The Neopets Team as an April Fool's joke, when Neopets claimed the next plot would revolve around Quigukis and their fight against Zombom, along with a Neopets TCG expansion to compliment the story.

Like Usuki, there are collectible Quiguki dolls on the Neopets site wearing different outfits, similar to Barbie Dolls by Mattel.


  • There is an avatar featuring a Quiguki-painted Quiggle, available by viewing the New Features page on April Fools day.
  • The boy Quiguki is wearing the colours of Meridell and the girl is modeled after the Beautiful Hair Quiguki Doll
  • There are, as of June 2008, 27 different collectable Quiguki dolls, 5 extra Quiguki Item Sets, and 1 item, a "Quiguki Rug".

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