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The Newbie shield which appears on the User Lookup of a new account.

Newbie is a term used to describe a new user or beginner to certains aspects of Neopets. The title is not Neopets exclusive, and is in wide use around the internet, particularly in gaming communities, surfacing sometime during the 1980s.


The term Newbie is a commonly used word across the internet, which Neopets came to accept through the NeoBoard and NeoMail discussions between users. It's used to describe those who are new to Neopets or one of it's features, with users introducing themselves as a newbie or others calling them as such.

A newbie can usually be pointed out by how old their account is as shown in their User Lookup and shield, especially the Newbie shield (last 3 days after account creation). Of course, a new account could be owned by a veteran player, in which case the only true way to know if a user is a newbie or not is by their knowledge of Neopets, as it's possible for a user to play Neopets for many years and still know nothing of certain plots, games or other information. In this way, a user could also be called a newbie to a specific topic.

Newbie is usually not seen as a derogatory term, as it's given to those who are usually looking for new information. However, some users have been known to use it as such. Also, referring a veteran user of a new account as a newbie is usually seen as bad practice, and can be viewed as a derogatory remark.

Newbie Pack[edit]

Since (need date), The Neopets Team began to give a Newbie Pack to new users, which contains a collection of items which give users a chance to enjoy Neopets quicker. Notable items include Starter Paint Brushes and cardboard Petpets to help the user understand the concepts of both. Some guilds provide unofficial Newbie Pack's to new users as well, sometimes as a way to attract new members. The Newbie Pack will also contain a book called "Mystery of the Kougra Paw", a Wooden Blocking Shield, a Petpet, and a Blue Ixi Plushie.


N00b is the leet variation of Newbie, with zeros being shown as the letter "O." It is used to indicate a user who may or may not be new, and acts intentionally immature or naïve, often playing Neopets in ways which anger or annoy other users. When n00b is said to another user, it's context is as an insult, often meaning "stupid."

While n00b is a corruption of newbie, due to the continuing evolution of leet, new variations are appearing, such as noob, n000b, nub and noobie. This enter and leave common usage over time, but newbie and n00b remain common throughout.

Sometimes n00b is used unfairly, when a player who has just joined does not know about a past event or how a system on the site works, and players more well-versed in this aspects consider them to be time wasting. N00b should not be used interchangeably with newbie as the former suggests some sort of ineptness even if the latter is also so. Because of the derogatory meaning used with n00b, it's usually recommended for users to never say it.

Acts which some users commit that are likely to cause them to be branded a n00b include:

  • Flaming or Griefing - Insulting or making a personal attack on another player, continually or on a single occasion, especially an attack which is unwarranted.
  • Spamming - Posting in the NeoBoard or NeoMailing nonsense or repeated off-topic messages, usually spamming.
  • Unsolicited Item Requests - Users requesting (usually unsolicited) rare/useful/expensive items, including but not limited to paint brushes, codestones, and items needed to obtain an avatar (offering little in return). Frequently, they will consistently repeat their demands, often growing aggressive until they receive what they ask for or are blocked or frozen. It's common for a user like this to cease all contact with the other user should they receive what they want.
  • Unsolicited Neopet Requests - Similar to item requests, users who (usually unsolicited) demand a users Neopets for one of a variety of reasons such as being a rare colour or species, possessing high stats or being well known.
  • Unsolicited Guild Invite Requests - As above, users who (usually unsolicited) request an invitation to a user's guild with no prior contact, or one who sends guild invite requests unsolicited to a user without prior contact.
  • Scamming - Attempting to scam other users for profit, claiming ignorance of real game facts to appear innocent.
  • N00binator - A N00binator deceives users by sending Neopets with low stats (15 HP and less) to the Battledome with powerful Battledome Equipment, fighting opponents with the same stats as theirs and winning without effort.
  • Overuse of Chatspeak - Chatspeak, using constructs meant to be read phonetically and initialisms, is a method of typing that may be much more difficult to understand and in some cases longer to type than the words represented were they to be written properly.

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