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A Basic Golden Nerkmid

A Nerkmid is a star-shaped coin that is used as currency for the Alien Aisha Vending Machine. Like the vending machine itself, Nerkmids are an invention of the Alien Aishas, and it is the Alien Aishas that distribute the Nerkmids throughout Neopia.

On the Neopets website, Nerkmids take the form of tradable items. They are obtained by receiving them from Random Events or by purchasing them from other users using the Auction House, Trading Post, or user shops. The Vending Machine itself can also give out Nerkmids, although it requires a Nerkmid to be used.

All Nerkmids

There are currently 20 different kinds of Nerkmids:

  • Aluminium Nerkmid
  • Average Nerkmid
  • Basic Golden Nerkmid
  • Basic Platinum Nerkmid
  • Copper Nerkmid
  • Golden Nerkmid X
  • Golden Nerkmid XX
  • Good Nerkmid
  • Lesser Nerkmid
  • Magical Golden Nerkmid
  • Magical Platinum Nerkmid
  • Normal Golden Nerkmid
  • Normal Platinum Nerkmid
  • Platinum Nerkmid X
  • Platinum Nerkmid XX
  • Super Nerkmid
  • Ultimate Nerkmid
  • Ultra Golden Nerkmid
  • Ultra Nerkmid
  • Ultra Platinum Nerkmid


  • As of December 2011, 15 items have been created based upon the Nerkmid.

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