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Retired Boards are board sections which have been removed from the site, usually paired with a once-only event, or the section was deemed un needed and was removed. These boards, like most event boards, usually occupy board-ID 7 during their duration.


The name is based off the term 'Retired', often used by The Neopets Team in order to indicate an item or feature which is no longer produced or operational.

Board Listing[edit]

Retired Boards fall into two categories:



The following boards were associated with a once-only event, only existing during it's duration:

[*] indicates user-made abbreviation

Volcano Plot

A board that lasted during the duration of the Volcano Plot.
Official Description:

Hannah and the Ice Caves

HATIC board.png
A board paired with the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot.
Official Description:

Curse of Maraqua

A board users to discuss the Curse of Maraqua plot during it's duration.
Official Description:

Lost Desert Plot

A board which appeared during the Lost Desert Plot.
Official Description:
Who's that fortune teller? And what's up with that guy on the Uni already? Talk about the current plot here!

The Cyodrake's Gaze

A board used for The Cyrodrake's Gaze plot.
Official Description:
A mysterious ship appears in Neopia and the crew needs your help! You will help them, right?

The Tale of Woe

A board which was used to discuss The Tale of Woe plot during it's run.
Official Description:
Wander the Haunted Woods with Gilly and uncover the truth behind the mysterious Tale of Woe?

Journey to the Lost Isle

A board associated with the Journey to the Lost Isle plot.
Official Description:
A journal and a tablet lead a very dedicated professor on a journey to find the mysterious lost isle!

The Return of Dr. Sloth

A board dedicated to the Return of Dr. Sloth plot.
Official Description:
Discuss the latest comics and puzzles. Evil is back!

Atlas of the Ancients

AThis board appeared alongside the Atlas of the Ancients plot.
Official Description:
Discuss comics, quests and game strategies for our latest adventure!


The board associated with the Neoplants prank of April Fool's 2009.
Official Description:
Discover the world of Neoplants with new plants, games, and homes!

Tarla's Tour of Mystery

A board set alongside the Tarla's Tour of Mystery event.
Official Description:

Faerie Festival

A precursor to the Faeries' Ruin plot board.
Official Description:

The Faeries' Ruin

A discussion board for the Faeries' Ruin plot.
Official Description:
Discuss the latest comics, puzzles and activities!

*Yikes!* Krawk Island is Gone.

A board set to coincide with the Krawk Island Disappearance event.
Official Description:
Well most of the island is gone. Discuss what has happened to the island, strategies for finding the island, and much more...

Obelisk War

The discussion board for the Obelisk War
Official Description:
Unknown, both title and description changed twice.

Portal Activation Centre

ID: 7

A board associated with the Moltara Mystery event.

Official Description:
Can you figure out what the activation centre actually does? Discuss your ideas, and what you find...

Desert Diplomacy

ID: 7
A board associated with the Desert Diplomacy event.
Official Description:
The royal palace in Sakhmet has been burglarised! Who could have done such a thing?


The following boards were meant to be permanent additions to the active board list, but were instead removed at some point in their existence.


General Chat

A board use for General, non-neopets related chat.

Note: - The board was removed due to the influx of innapropriate topics it hosted.

Official Description:

Neopets: Trading Card Game

A board used for the discussion of then-popular Trading Card Game.

Note: - The board was taken down sometime in 2008, due to the fact that TCGs hadn't been produced in several years (or alternatively had been retired).

Official Description:
Need help building a deck? Wanna get info on that super rare Villain? This is the place.

Neopets: Treasure Keepers

A board used for the discussion of then-prospering Facebook game Neopets: Treasure Keepers.

Note: - This board was taken down sometime shortly after the game's closure, only existing for several months.

Official Description:
Quests, adventure, and your very own shop. Oh, also, TREASURE! Hang out and chat about Treasure Keepers. (Lawyerbot Disclaimer: Our standard rules about sharing personal information still apply... don't.) ;)

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