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When a user creates an account to log in to the NeoDex, they create a special username, which is used to identify editors within the NeoDex. Usernames are attached to all edits in the history of an article and in Recent changes when the user is logged in. This allows proper credit to be given to a certain user, unlike those who edit from IP adresses which can continually change and be shared among users. Users who are disruptive in the NeoDex (spamming, vandalisms, arguments) are more easily identified, and can be warned and banned easier than those who edit from IP adresses.

Creating a username

A user is free to choose any name they wish, be it their username on Neopets, the name of a pet they own on Neopets, a pen name or pseudonym, or a real life name, depending on how much anonymity they want to preserve while editing. The user should feel comfortable writing under this username, and other users should be comfortable collaborating with. Users should be mindful and not create vulgar or offensive names, or try to pretend to be other users in the NeoDex.

Wikipedia usernames are case sensitive and the first letter of all usernames will be capitalized when created. This means if a user requests the username "your name", the account created will instead be: "Your name". If username consists of more than one name, users may prefer to capitalize each one when they create the account. Examples would be "Your Name", "Your Middle Name", and "Your M. Name".

User page

All users of the NeoDex are given their own user page which helps communication among other users in the NeoDex. If an editors username is Example:

  • Their user page is the page at "User:Example"
  • Their user talk page is the page at "User talk:Example"
  • Their user subpages are pages of the form "User:Example/subpage" or "User talk:Example/subpage"
  • Their user space is the collection of all the above.

An editor can use their user space in many number of ways, as long as they remain within NeoDex guideline and are Neopets-themed and not used as a blog, webspace provider, or social networking site. They can be similar to User Lookups on Neopets and share information about themselves and their accomplisments and projects on the NeoDex. Editors are free to add contact information (email, instant messaging, etc), a photograph, real name, location, information about their areas of expertise and interest, likes and dislikes, homepages (as long as there is no promotional language), and so forth. If an editor is concerned with their privacy, they do not need to place these.

Editors can use their user page to help organize their time on the NeoDex effectively: creating a "to do" list, show works in progress, reminders, useful links, and so forth. It's also good for experimenting with markup (such as a personal sandbox). If an editor won't be editing the NeoDex for a while, a note on their user page can be placed.

Other editors of the NeoDex can edit anothers user page, usually to reward, provide positive information about the user or correct an error. If a another editor abuses this privelage, they are banned for an amount of time. Should an editor be banned a notice is placed on their user page or talk page. Users who do not want a user page are recommended to redirect it to their user talk page for the convenience of other editors.

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