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Examples of three unique morphing potions.

A morphing potion is a magical elixir which can change a Neopet's species and colour into those specified in the potion's name. They are sold at the Neopian Magic Shop. A potion that morphs a Neopet into a Mutant paint colour and species is called a Transmogrification Potion.

Once a Neopet has taken a morphing potion, they acquire all the traits of the new species and/or colour, but can be morphed again with a new potion, repainted, or exposed to the Lab Ray.

The following colours are available via Morphing Potions but are not necessarily available for all pets that come in that colour:

Transmogrification Potion[edit]

Kauvara receiving the first Transmogrification Potions.

A transmogrification potion is a foul-smelling morphing potion which morphs a Neopet into a Mutant.

Created by Dr. Frank Sloth, transmogrification potions first emerged on February 5, 2001, being sold by Kauvara, who had received them from Dr. Sloth in disguise. Thinking they were innocent concoctions, she put them for sale in her Magic Shop, until she discovered their horrifying results.

Since then, transmogrification potions only enter circulation when they are given to users via Random Events. This factor, coupled with the appeal in many circles of the Mutant colour, makes transmogrification potions very expensive. Even so, many transmogrification potions for a species are cheaper than equivalent morphing potions, and this makes transmogrification potions sought-after for converting Neopets into rare species.


  • As of September 2011, there have been 636 Morphing Potions and 50 Transmogrification Potions released.
  • Feeding any Transmogrification Potion to a Neopet will unlock the Mutant JubJub avatar (released November 25, 2003) while feeding any regular Morphing Potion to a Neopet will unlock the Magical Kauvara avatar (released June 18, 2004).
  • While a Stone Lupe Morphing Potion exists, it cannot be used to morph a pet into a Stone Lupe.

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