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Moltenus, also known as the Ancient Beast of Magma, is a giant Moltenore who sleeps within Techo Mountain. Moltenus is known to posses incredible destructive power. He was introduced in the Mystery Island Volcano plot and was later featured in the Neopets Puzzle Adventure video game.

Plot Summary[edit]

Mystery Island Volcano[edit]

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In an attempt to awaken and control Moltenus, Tura-Kepek and Eithne kidnapped the five guardians of Mystery Island; thereby weakening the seal that confined Moltenus within Techo Mountain. With the seal weakened, Eithne tried to awaken Moltenus with an incantation; however, users were able to finish the incantation before her, causing Moltneus to attack Eithne. After attacking Eithne, Moltenus turned and attacked the user. The user then had to recite another incantation to get rid Tura-Kepek and return Moltenus to his slumber.

Neopets Puzzle Adventure[edit]

Main article: Neopets Puzzle Adventure

In Neopets Puzzle Adventure, Eithne and Tura-Kepek successfully awaken Moltenus using the Fire Ward, a powerful item that has the ability to absorb and control fire magic. After he is awakened, the player's Neopet battles and defeats Moltenus. The player then battles Eithne and takes the Fire Ward from her and destroys it, ensuring that Moltenus cannot be awakened again.

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