Masks of Dread

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Saskia and the Masks of Dread

Masks of Dread is a Halloween site event that started on the 26th of October 2011 and will end on the 31st of October 2011. It is located in the Haunted Faire and run by Saskia, an aquamarine Cybunny.

Each day, Saskia allows players to try on one of her five masks and complete a quest. Players must have their active pet wearing the mask they chose that day to properly complete the quest. There is no particular order in which a player must choose the masks.


If players successfully complete the quests, they are allowed to keep the mask they chose that day and are awarded various prizes. As with many recent site events, there is a Neocash element to this event. Players can purchase the Masks of Dread NC Quest Pack from the NC Mall and earn additional prizes when they complete the different quests. A special bonus prize will be awarded to players who complete all six quests on the days they are released.


There are only five masks visible at this time despite there being six days for the event. It is unknown at this time what will be necessary on the sixth day.

  • Evil Coconut Mask
  • Fairest of Feathers Mask
  • Mystical Geraptiku Mask
  • Solar Flare Mask
  • Steam Respiration Mask

Neopoint Prizes[edit]

  • Day one required players visit locations in Tyrannia and awarded: A Second Piece of Omelette, Sabre-X Plushie, and Rock Candy.
  • Day two required players visit locations in the Lost Desert and awarded: Armour Catalogue Tablet, Evil Baklava, and Green Candy Buttons.
  • Day three required players visit locations in Moltara and awarded: Igneots Fire Flower, Brass Gear Belt, and Melted Chocolate Negg.
  • Day four required players visit locations relating to Kreludor and awarded: Gargaroxs Lunchbox, Cheese Manicotti, and Mystery Dessert Goo.
  • Day five required players visit locations in Faerieland and awarded: The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity Stamp, Faerie Colouring Book, and Tooth Faerie Sweets.

NeoCash Prizes[edit]

  • Day one: Lair of the Beast Background
  • Day two: Zombie Mummy Wrap Dress
  • Day three: Magma Pit Foreground
  • Day four: Ray Gun Shower
  • Day five: Dark Faerie Sister Wig

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