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Llugh spreading seeds as seen in Neopedia story.

Llugh (also known as Trickster Llugh) is a Red Mynci known for creating the annual event of Gadgadsbogen. He was introduced in a Neopedia article on March 5, 2003, which detailed his involvement in the festival. Described as an old story told by Mystery Island inhabitants, Llugh received a bet from his friend Mizuko when he claimed he was faster than the sun. Mizkuko challenged him to race from one end of Mystery Island to the other in a day, effectively beating the sun. Llugh's race across Mystery Island was difficult but was aided by the fruits he'd took along for strength. Due to a hole in his bag, he lost all his fruit except for three Juppies, and when a hungry traveller asked if Llugh could spare a Juppie just as the sun was setting, Llugh kindly gave away his last Yellow Juppie. The traveller was in fact an Earth Faerie called Tyleine, who granted Llugh the strength to get to the edge of Mystery Island before the sun had gone over the horizon. When Llugh returned, Tyleine returned the Yellow Juppie, and asked him to throw the seeds of the Juppie along the road as he ate so new plants would grow. When he does this, new fruits and vegetables grow, a ritual he repeats each year.

Better Than You[edit]

Llugh has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: February 18, 2010 I promised my cousin that I'd help her train for the volleyball championships, but I also promised Jhuidah I'd plant a new batch of seeds all over Mystery Island. Would you play some volleyball for me? I'll give you a reward if you do a good job!
Game: Mynci Beach Volleyball
Score: 1,000
Prize: Beach Vacations


  • Llugh's name may be in reference to Lugh, an Irish deity who similarly instituted a harvest festival.

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