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A sample of Juppies and Juppie-based products.

The Juppie is a popular type of Neopian fruit originating from Mystery Island, which now reaches as far as the farmlands of Meridell and is a regular part of their crop. As well as being eaten by themselves, they are often used as flavourings, garnishes or as conserves. The Juppie appears to be similar, in its design and applications to the tomato, the apple and the potato.


There are five (possibly six, see below) varieties of Juppie that have been cultivated on Mystery Island, but only three types are still being farmed: these are the Cocoa, Golden and Teal Juppies. The Purple and Red Juppies were phased out as part of Gadgadsbogen.

The five variations are all different colours - they are named after their colouration - and there is some difference in shape between them. They each have a different flavour, the Cocoa Juppie being chocolatey; the Golden Juppie being particularly refreshing (for a time it was made illegal in some areas of Neopia, but a large Golden Juppie smuggling trade started up to undermine this, according to a (now defunct) Neopedia article); the Purple Juppie being sour yet surprisingly delicious; the Red Juppie being a spicy variety that is frequently fried; and the Teal Juppie having very little taste, which Neopians love or hate.

The Red and Purple Juppies were also featured in Neopets: The Darkest Faerie used as health pick-ups: the Red Juppies healing health and the Purple Juppies healing magic.

Blue Juppie?[edit]

While no such Juppie has ever been made for public sale, several items boast Blue Juppie as one of their key ingredients. These include the Juppie Swirl Chia Pop, Blue Juppie Pizza and the Juppie Swirl Pizza. It is not known whether this is a rare Juppie not on the public market, or a special way of preparing ordinary Juppies.

Use in drinks[edit]

Juppie juice is a well-known soft drink across Neopia, with popular two versions existing: a carbonated Juppieade drink and a clear form of juice. Juppie juice is also the favourite drink of Meepits as shown in Meepit Juice Break, with three main varieties - Red, Yellow and Blue Juppie Juices - which are often combined to create different flavoured and coloured drinks.

Juppies are also used as part of several types of coffee. Cocoa Juppies give Cocoa Juppie Mochas their distinctive chocolate taste, as well as their name; Golden Juppie Delights, of course, are known for their Juppie extracts as much as their cream and chocolate sprinkles, and it is the sour Purple Juppie that gives Purple Juppie Javas their distinctive "kick".

Teal and Purple Juppies have also been made into a slushie, and a Chia Pop made with Juppies, Juppie Swirl Chia Pop, are another frozen treat using the diverse tastes of this fruit.

Use in savoury foods[edit]

Red Juppies are used to make two brands of popular, low cost cheese, called Juppie Cheese and Spicy Juppie Cheese, both being spicy but the latter more so. The cheese is sold in wheels and wedges and is the cheapest cheese allowed in cheese rolling competitions, and also serves as a pasty filling.

Red Juppies can also be baked and served with cheese, and is used as a healthy burger filling.

There is a type Omelette cooked with Teal Juppies, aptly named Juppie Omelette, and form of waffle made from Golden Juppies with butter.

A Juppie pizza topping is available, made from Blue Juppie.

Use in sweet foods[edit]

In addition to savoury foods, there are several jams made from Purple and Teal Juppies, the latter served with croissants, and Purple Juppies are also used to make a type of jelly.

Purple Juppies can be caramelised, served on a stick and dipped in lime sauce, with optional addition of hundreds and thousands.

Golden Juppie is used with peppermint to flavour Juppiemint chocolate bars.

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