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(Former Staff Members)
(Former Staff Members)
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*Universal Senja
*Universal Senja

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The In-Depth Battlepedia, or IDB, was the oldest and largest collection of information regarding Battledome weapons. It was designed as an expansion of the Battlepedia and provided a searchable database of almost 2,500 weapons, maintained by a large team of volunteers.

In addition to indexing nearly double the number of weapons that the Battlepedia does, IDB provided much more detailed information about weapon effects - including the quantity of items, extensive testing as the likeliness of healing and freezing, and mathematical dissection of the exact number of icons, by damage, that a weapon strikes with. IDB weapon raters also reviewed many of the weapons.

The In-Depth Battlepedia provided a forum for the discussion of Neopets and the Battledome, and hosts a large quantity of information related to the Battledome in addition to just weaponry - such as Negg effects, methods of training, Faerie abilities, and a damage calculator. On the 25th September 2008, IDB introduce a weapon simulator ("BD SIM") to simulate the outcome of battles between Neopets with certain attributes and weapons.

On the 26 July 2011, server failure meant that the website and most recent version of the database were lost. Finalhit, administrator of IDB, bequeathed the database back-up to Jellyneo, who now maintain the database under a new interface.


The IDB Forums were created on February 7th, 2004. As a Battledome-orientated fansite, the IDB forums contained various forums relating exclusively to the Battledome, including:

  • Battledome Central - A forum of discussion of general Battledome-related topics.
  • Challenge Central - A forum where forum members can find opponents to challenge in the Battledome.
  • Weapons Advice & Comparisons - A forum for discussion and rating of various weapon sets.
  • War Room - A forum where information relating to Neopets wars can be discussed, and where information relating to IDB's own wars, such as sign-up forms, are located.
  • Battler's Trading Forum - A forum for the trading of Battledome Equipment and other related items in the Trading Post.

IDB also hosted an active area where users can submit articles for other users to read on topics ranging from Battledome tips to training guides. Although IDB focused on the Battledome, there were additional forums for other topics.

IRC Channel[edit]

An IRC channel was linked via a Java applet on May 30th, 2006.

Former Staff Members[edit]

The IDB and its forum were maintained by a large team of people:

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