Igneot's Cavern

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Within the Moltara Caves, Igneot's Cavern is a small cave housed by a Magma Gnorbu that will answer any question he is asked. When asked a question, he will give you a random answer.


The following are all the possible answers to you question:

  • This is hard to read, however it seems unlikely.
  • The fire is dimming and so is the chance of this.
  • The coals burn brightly in favour of this.
  • The solution lies in your hands.
  • The darkness is here and will not be overcome.
  • The coals become colder, but there is a chance...
  • The fires say it will be so.
  • The ashes blow away like your chances.
  • *SNORE* Eh... I am too sleepy.
  • It is as clear as the day.
  • The fire has gone out, the answer is no.

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Igneot's Cavern