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The following NeoDex articles are present to help new and current editors understand wiki coding, how to edit articles and NeoDex standards.

NeoDex namespace

Introduction to the Neodex

  • About - An introduction to the Neodex.
  • Policy - Neodex's four founding principles.
  • Zero Tolerance - An introduction and list of ongoing extreme anti-vandalism initiatives.

Neodex's Wiki-elements

Information on Users


Help namespace

  • Editing - A guide to editing the NeoDex.
  • Images - How to edit images into articles.
  • Stub - What is a Stub and how is it used.
  • Under Construction - Articles in need of editing.

On Wikipedia

Wikipedia's help page contains many articles on the ways wikis works and on Wiki Syntax. Specifically, these documents are useful for a beginning editor: