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Ghoul Catchers is a match-3 game available on the App Store, Facebook, Google Play and Amazon.


Unhaunt houses and banish ghouls!

Mix and match ghouls and ghosts in this brand new puzzle game from the creators of Neopets! Brave Bren, the Professor, and Glyn need your help - phantoms and ghouls have escaped from the Haunted Woods and taken over the world. Join this professional team of Ghoul Catchers on their quest to make the world safe again!

You'll need to make matches of three or more to banish the scariest of spirits and unhaunt these houses. Combine four or more ghouls to create special tiles or use game-changing power-ups to clear the board! Puzzle games don't get more exciting than this!

Each level is a haunted house, and you will progress from house to house on the map. If a house is available, you can replay it as many times as you want to earn points (50,000 NP daily maximum) and to improve your star points if needed. If you've reached the 50,000 NP daily max, you will still be able to repeat or play new levels, but you won't receive any more Neopoints for that day.

There are three game functions at the top of the map screen:

Life Meter

The heart represents your life meter, which is "full" at 5 lives. If you lose a life (or all 5), you can wait for each life to recharge (20 minutes each), ask for extra lives from friends on Facebook, or purchase some for $0.99 each.

You can lose a life when you fail to complete level requirements, restart a level or go back to the map while playing a game.

Gold Star

The gold star represents your level, score, and Achievement progress. It's important to collect enough stars so you can continue on to the next map, or else you will have to pay real money to unlock it. Each house has three stars you can fill. As you earn points from destroying ghouls, your star meter will increase. If you reach the top of the star meter on the Brightvale and Faerieland maps, you will receive three stars when the level is complete. Otherwise, you will receive a star based on where the meter stopped. Maps after Faerieland, will allow you to keep the stars you earned in the game without having to win the level.


The envelope will display your friend's list and allow you to send extra lives to them.

Completing levels earns the player neopoints and prizes on their Neopets account.


  • Brave Bren
  • The Professor
  • Glyn