Ghoul Catchers: The Creeping Danger

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Ghoul Catchers: The Creeping Danger is a real-life book released on April 22, 2008. It is manufactured by HarperCollins.

The Creeping Danger, the first book in the Ghoul Catchers trilogy, chronicles the journey of two young heroes who set out to thwart a group of ghouls that have drained the lands of Neopia of life and eventually plan on taking over. Together with their new friend Kyrok, Sarn and Liva formed a new group of Ghoul Catchers.


  • Sarn: Kacheek and friend of Liva's. He went exploring the Haunted Woods with Liva and ultimately helped save Neopia.
  • Liva: Wocky and friend of Sarn's. Together she and Sarn set out to stop the ghouls from carrying out their plans.
  • Kyrok: Ghost Eyrie who discovered the ghouls' plot to take over Neopia. Aided Sarn and Liva in preventing that from happening.
  • Gnawthral: Formerly a Quiggle from the Ice Caves but became a ghoul after using dark magic.
  • Cramdill: A Bori and grandfather of Liva. He was captured and frozen by the Ghouls but later rescued.
  • Quonsar: A long-since disappeared powerful wizard who's old home provided Liva and Sarn with magic.
  • Brain Tree: Pointed Liva and Sarn towards Quonsar's cave.

Publishing information[edit]

  • Written by Vivian LaRue and illustrated by The Neopets Art Team.
  • 128 Pages
  • ISBN 9780061432156

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