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Gavril coordinated the search for his home.
Gavril McGill is a Green Krawk from Krawk Island. He and his Pirate Warf were the only remaining inhabitants of Krawk Island when it disappeared in 2011. He appointed himself the island's governor when the plot was over.

Garvil organised the search for his missing island, giving each volunteer a different part of the ocean to search, and designed the new Krawk Island himself.

Plot summary[edit]

Disappearance of Krawk Island[edit]

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When Krawk Island disappeared, McGill's solitary shanty was the only part of the island remaining. He discovered that Krawk Island was composed of small individual islets that were anchored together, and organised volunteers to locate and then retrieve the islets.

Gavril saw the catastrophe as an opportunity to improve on the island's design. believing that as his plot was the only one left in place that he was the right person to be the Island's architect. He intended to appoint himself as governor of the rebuilt island,

As time went on, Gavril began to act more tyrannical, slipping up in front of users and almost referring to the "subjugation" of his "underlings" instead of the recruitment of his friends. He got rid of Smuggler's Cove from his plan so he could set up a cove of his own and profit from smuggling himself, and toyed with the idea of converting his holdings to Neopoints then devaluing dubloons to make himself richer. He wanted to build himself a governor's mansion and train his own regiment with the Swashbuckling Academy.