Eleus Batrin

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Eleus Batrin
Eleus Batrin.gif
Species:   Kyrii
Location:   Neopia City

Eleus Batrin is a non-player character in the game NeoQuest. An old Kyrii, he is the keeper of lore and one of the two weaponsmiths of Neopia City. He was taught by Gali Yoj, and while he is very knowledgeable, he neglected Kayannin script - the language of wizards older than even the Circle of Twelve - in his studies.

Plot summary[edit]


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Eleus introduces the hero - therefore, the player - to Ancient Neopia, explaining the local geography and how the wilderness is overrun with monsters. He also notes that the further from Neopia City the hero roams, the more powerful monsters he will encounter. He sets the hero on his first quest, to retrieve Xantan's Ring with which Eleus may manufacture a new weapon.

Eleus Batrin, keeper of lore.
He explains that Xantan was the leader of the Circle of Twelve, a group of wizards who controlled the Great Empire that covered most of the world, around a thousand years before the events of the game. He was betrayed by the rest of the Circle, stripped of most of his powers and exiled. He directs the hero to Dank Cave, where Xantan now lurks.

After the hero defeats Xantan and returns with his ring, Eleus suggests that they head south to the Jungle Ruins to look for an expedition they lost contact with. Later, although unable to translate the inscription of Rollay Scaleback's Rusty Medallion, he knows someone who can, and directs the hero to Gali Yoj in Sunny City.


  • Outside of NeoQuest, Eleus is featured in a NeoDeck card and a stamp.

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