Draik Nest

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The Draik Nest

The Draik Nest, located in Meridell, is a location used to hatch rare Draik Eggs, available from the Food Shop. It was made available on the 10th September 2002, a day after Draik Day, when it was originally intended for release.

The Draik Nest works in a similar way to the Fungus Cave on Krawk Island: users may visit with a Draik Egg in their inventory, and, provided they have less than four pets and choose an original - that is to say, currently unused - name, can receive a Draik in return. Eggs may only be used once at the nest, but can also be used for food, being often requested at the Kadoatery.

A hatched Draik's colour is the same as the colour of the egg. Due to the expense of the required items, many users have opted for alternate means for achieving a Draik, such as via the appropriate Transmogrification Potion.

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