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The Cooking Pot

The Cooking Pot is a magical device that can combine two or three certain items together and creating a different item. It is located on Mystery Island and is run by Jhuidah. The Cooking Pot was added to the site on August 31, 2000.

While there is only one functioning Cooking Pot, there are replicas or similar items which can be found around Neopets, such as the Furniture item called Jhuidah Cooking Pot, which looks exactly like the real thing, and the Pocket Cooking Pot, a Hidden Tower weapon used in the Battledome. Chef Bonju of The Cyodrake's Gaze possesses a Magical Cooking Vessel, which appears to be similar to the Cooking Pot.

Directions for use[edit]

The Cooking Pot must be filled with two or three different items. Once this is done, it is stirred three times in a clockwise direction, and when the liquid settles, if the items used form a valid recipe, they will have combined into one new item.

It is uncertain how the Cooking Pot works: some sources, including Jhuidah herself on the main cooking pot page, claim that the Mystery Island god Pango Pango uses his own powers to combine the items, whereas the Spell Faeries page claims it is Jhuidah's own magic. Certainly, during the Mystery Island Volcano plot, Jhuidah's magic was needed to make the Cooking Pot function correctly, although it did function to some degree, if incorrectly, while she was not there.


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As of November 2012, there are 186 different items that can be obtained from the Cooking Pot, with new items still being released occasionally.


  • The Cooking Pot is featured on two Stamps, both of which are part of the Mystery Island section of the Stamp Album.

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