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The Auction House is a place in Neopia Central where users can place an Item up for an auction as another method to sell items. Users can place any item valued over 200 Neopoints up for auction, and have other users bid on them. The user who bids the highest price when time runs out receives the item. Players can set a minimum price, the minimum bid to raise, and how long the auction will last.

Some rare and exclusive items are available through TNT controlled accounts, such as jeran.


  • Whenever the Auction House is down for maintenance, the following message is presented...
Sorry for the inconvenience, auctions are going to be down temporarily due to an infestation of metal eating bugs. We will put auctions back as soon as possible.

Dates this has occurred: May 8, 2006

  • On August 25, 2006, the art of the Blue Auction Scorchio was redesigned.
  • There is a book titled Auction Tips and Tricks, item description saying "How to get the most for your items in the Neopian Auctions". However, reading this book or having it in a users inventory will not affect anything in the Auction House.

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