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This is a list of the prizes that were given out by the Advent Calendar in 2014. To view the animation for a certain day, click on the date for that day.

December 1st
gif_adca2014_orgeusurpcrd.gif clo_adca2014_lvcontorge.gif Bag of np.gif
Orange You Surprised? Card Lava Contacts 812 NP
December 2nd
toy_adca2014_rodabrd.gif gif_adca2014_hapoarwrk.gif Bag of np.gif
Rosie Dartboard Happy Pound Artwork 682 NP
December 3rd
mag_adca2014_holino.gif boo_adca2014_101cncnrec.gif Bag of np.gif
Holiday Nova 101 Candy Cane Recipes 599 NP
December 4th
toy_adca2014_fafaesnglbe.gif fbo_adca2014_droaflochrst.gif Bag of np.gif
Fallen Faerieland Snowglobe Dreaming of a Floating Christmas 790 NP
December 5th
boo_adca2014_sugrush.gif gif_adca2014_skabrmub.gif Bag of np.gif
Sugar Rush Skating Bruce Music Box 808 NP
December 6th
boo_adca2014_setatbleqkly.gif toy_adca2014_fdcannty.gif Bag of np.gif
Setting A Table Quickly Food Cannon 900 NP
December 7th
toy_adca2014_yrvryownbth.gif boo_adca2014_bthrprmanl.gif Bag of np.gif
Your Very Own Booth Booth Repair Manual 839 NP
December 8th
plu_adca2014_postwwplu.gif plu_adca2014_dpostwwplu.gif Bag of np.gif
Postal Weewoo Plushie Darigan Postal Weewoo Plushie 750 NP
December 9th
plu_adca2014_sandstrplu.gif gif_adca2014_sanddngmld.gif Bag of np.gif
Sand Star Plushie Sand Dung Mould 566 NP
December 10th
tyr_adca2014_slitrmpome.gif toy_adca2014_angsabxactfig.gif Bag of np.gif
Slightly Trampled Omelette Angry Sabre-X Action Figure 609 NP
December 11th
boo_adca2014_slweaholtale.gif gif_adca2014_flworembrce.gif Bag of np.gif
Sleep Well, A Holiday Tale Flower of Remembrance 842 NP
December 12th
bd_adca2014_sledmmr.gif nbo_adca2014_ho2mahe.gif Bag of np.gif
MAGAXs Menacing Sledgehammer How to Make a Headstone 981 NP
December 13th
foo_adca2014_emblmfldct.gif boo_adca2014_100mmydncem.gif Bag of np.gif
Embalming Fluid Cocktail 100 Mummy Dance Moves 679 NP
December 14th
gif_adca2014_fesbootree.gif gif_adca2014_brindecpstcrd.gif Bag of np.gif
Festive Book Tree Brightvale in December Postcard 596 NP
December 15th
mbo_adca2014_yrcoalisnwdiam.gif can_adca2014_mltrnbzzcndycn.gif Bag of np.gif
Your Coal is Now Diamonds Moltaran Buzz Candy Cane 749 NP
December 16th
gif_adca2014_piratsilfg.gif bak_adca2014_pirshpholck.gif Bag of np.gif
Pirate Attack Silhouette Foreground Pirate Ship Holiday Cake 903 NP
December 176th
tro_adca2014_trpcyfrtsld.gif boo_adca2014_trpholcrl.gif Bag of np.gif
Tropical Cybunny Fruit Salad Tropical Holiday Carols 598 NP
December 18th
bd_adca2014_ornlauncr.gif foo_adca2014_swshsald.gif Bag of np.gif
Ornament Launcher Seaweed Shell Salad 491 NP
December 19th
toy_adca2014_rdkikomylrbal.gif sfo_adca2014_rdkikosnwcne.gif Bag of np.gif
Red Kiko Mylar Balloon Red Kiko Snow Cone 820 NP
December 20th
sno_adca2014_icedcoff.gif plu_adca2014_winshoyplu.gif Bag of np.gif
Mugless Iced Coffee Winter Shoyru Plushie 910 NP
December 21st
boo_adca2014_awksocfncny.gif gif_adca2014_crvdcandrscan.gif mall_80X80_dyeworks_holiday.gif
Awkward Social Functions and YOU! Carved Candle Dress Candle Dyeworks Holiday Hue Brew Potion
mall_clo_rainbow_drape_dress.gif Bag of np.gif
Rainbow Drape Dress 662 NP
December 22nd
pps_adca2014_gngrbrddndnct.gif shp_ady16_dandan_gingerbr.gif Bag of np.gif
Gingerbread Dandan Chew Toy Gingerbread Dandan 788 NP
December 23rd
plu_adca2014_inadvrtsantpl.gif gif_adca2014_instsntasuit.gif Bag of np.gif
Inadvertent Santa Plushie Instant Santa Suit 583 NP
December 24th
gif_adca2014_distrfg.gif plu_adca2014_drlandbrplu.gif Bag of np.gif
Discarded Tree Foreground Dr Landelbrot Plushie 2,330 NP
December 25th
foo_adca2014_aheartymeal.gif toy_adca2014_porcsnwflk.gif Bag of np.gif
A Hearty Meal Porcelain Snowflake 4,000 NP
December 26th
bak_adca2014_bsctkaubsct.gif foo_adca2014_snrklbrndbcn.gif Bag of np.gif
Biscuit Kau Biscuits Snorkle Brand Bacon 827 NP
December 27th
boo_adca2014_cslclsswarfr.gif foo_adca2014_hlfflglsoflmnd.gif Bag of np.gif
Casual Class Warfare Half Full Glass of Lemonade 948 NP
December 28th
gif_adca2014_wedinvtcrdst.gif foo_adca2014_wedck4unfogngno.gif Bag of np.gif
Wedding Invitations Wedding Cake 384 NP
December 29th
foo_adca2014_abnblefrtcke.gif boo_adca2014_sclptngfholed.gif Bag of np.gif
Abominable Fruitcake Sculpting Food Holiday Edition 728 NP
December 30th
plu_adca2014_srfngvndgyrpl.gif foo_adca2014_holdyvndgyrck.gif Bag of np.gif
Surfing Vandagyre Plushie Holiday Vandagyre Cookie 647 NP
December 31th
toy_adca2014_glwngnptmble.gif bd_adca2014_glwngsnwwrm.gif Bag of np.gif
Glowing Neopet Mobile Glowing Snow Wurm 1,500 NP

Hidden Candy Canes[edit]

This year, each animation contained a hidden candy cane:

Day 1
First candy cane.
Behind the Lava Monster in the upper right corner
Day 2
Second candy cane.
On the table between Count Von Roo and the S750 Kreludan Defender Robot
Day 3
Third candy cane.
Hanging on the Christmas 'tree'.
Day 4
Fourth candy cane.
Hanging in a window of a house in Faerieland.
Day 5
Fifth candy cane.
On the front of the Bruce music box.
Day 6
Sixth candy cane.
On the table in front of the Lenny, partially hidden by the frame.
Day 7
Seventh candy cane.
On the second spinning wheel of sweets.
Day 8
Eighth candy cane.
On the side of King Skarl's throne.
Day 9
Ninth candy cane.
Poking out of the Christmas palm tree.
Day 10
Tenth candy cane.
On the floor, left of the crashed sled.
Day 11
Eleventh candy cane.
In the statue of Fauna's basket.
Day 12
Twelfth candy cane.
At Magax's feet, amongst his tools.
Day 13
Thirteenth candy cane.
In a bowl at the mummies' party.
Day 14
Fourteenth candy cane.
Hanging on Brightvale Library's Christmas 'tree'.
Day 15
Fifteenth candy cane.
One of the diamonds made by compressing the coal.
Day 16
Sixteenth candy cane.
On top of the Skeith pirate's present.
Day 17
Seventeenth candy cane.
In the Red Kougra's headdress.
Day 18
Eighteenth candy cane.
Fired from the pipe onto the Christmas tree.
Day 19
Nineteenth candy cane.
Held by the bottom Kiko snowman.
Day 20
Twentieth candy cane.
Hanging on the Shoyru's front door.
Day 21
Twenty-first candy cane.
On the table to the right.
Day 22
Twenty-second candy cane.
On the right behind Chef Bonju.
Day 23
Twenty-third candy cane.
In the Elephante's sack.
Day 24
Twenty-fourth candy cane.
Hanging on the first tree Dr. Landelbrot materialises.
Day 25
Twenty-fifth candy cane.
At the front of the table of food.
Day 26
Twenty-sixth candy cane.
On a plate of biscuits.
Day 27
Day 28
Twenty-eighth candy cane.
Hanging from the bush after the unfortunate Ogrin has crashed into it.
Day 29
Day 30
Thirtieth candy cane.
Hanging on the Christmas tree.
Day 31
Thirty-first candy cane.
Held by the Glowing Draik.

When the user clicked on one of these candy canes, they received a prize randomly selected from the below pool of items. They may also receive a Candy Cane Striped Ice Treasure Chest, a no-trade item that can be opened by a Ice Candy Cane Key from the NC Mall.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The animations for the 1 December, 27 December, 29 December and 30 December were not uploaded in time. The prizes for these days could still be collected however. The animation for the 1 December and 30 December were eventually uploaded before the day was over and these hidden candy canes could be collected.

Advent Calendar Gifts By Year
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