"Wizard" Windelle

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Wizard Windelle 2006.gif

"Wizard" Windelle is a White Techo and has been the Centre Forward for Meridell's Yooyuball team since 2006. He also took over as Team Captain after Sir Pollonaire Friedl left the team in 2008.

With a high ratio of assists to turnovers, Windelle is a gifted passer with the uncanny ability to perfectly place a lob pass just beyond the reach of defenders. Given the nickname "Wizard" for his ability to make flashy plays look easy, Windelle is known for his intelligence on the field and his well executed running plays. On the downside, Windelle is not the most prolific scorer, and he doesn't have the best blocking abilities.


  • Windelle won the award for Best Passer of Altador Cup I in 2006.