"Squeaky" Tressif

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Squeaky Tressif 2012.gif
Squeaky Tressif 2006.gif

"Squeaky" Tressif is a Red Lupe and has been the Left Defender and Team Captain for Brightvale's Yooyuball team since 2006. Though he doesn't score much, Tressif is a consistent defender with strong guarding and leadership skills.

Unlike the rest of his teammates, Tressif has never cheated or used dirty tactics. He simply plays hard and sticks to the rules. His clean play has earned him the nickname "Squeaky", as in squeaky clean. It has also caused him to be on the receiving end of countless practical jokes perpetrated by his mischievous teammates.

Thanks in part to Tressif's influence and leadership, Brightvale turned over a new leaf in 2007 and abandoned their dirty style of play.

In 2012, Tressif was traded to Roo Island for Gordo Gunnels.


  • "Squeaky" Tressif was given the Best Sportsmanship award during the 2006 games.