"Scrap" Taggert

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Scrap Taggert 2006.gif

"Scrap" Taggert is a Tyrannian Moehog and has been the Centre Defender for Tyrannia's Yooyuball team since 2006. Taggert is a tough defender who excels at guarding and passing. However, he tends to be injury-prone and has battled his way through countless injuries, both minor and major, during his career.

Better Than You[edit]

"Scrap" Taggert has been featured in Better Than You once:

Date: January 13, 2011 Get that rock! No, that one! Argh, there are people down there! You need to be more careful.' Taggert turns to you. 'Oh, you think you can do better? By all means, get out there and start vaporising rocks.
Game: Magma Blaster
Score: 615
Prize: River Overlook


  • Taggert was nominated for the Most Improved Player award in 2006.