Sword of Skardsen

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Sword Of Skardsen
Multiple Use
Attack: BE Stat Darkness Attack.gif 15 BE Stat Physical Attack.gif 2 + BE Stat Physical Attack.gif 7
Defence: None
Special Effects: None
Description: Just the trick to put a pesky menacing undead monster out of its misery!
Price: 10.791M - 11.009M NP
Rarity: 200
Origin: Hidden Tower

The Sword of Skardsen (SOS for short) is a Hidden Tower item, and as of October 2006 believed to be one of the better Battledome Equipments for a users Neopoints. It was first introduced on 24 February 2003 in the game The Castle of Eliv Thade but wasn't released into the Hidden Tower until the 26th.

It's popular in the Battledome, and is often used by 1-Player High-difficulty fighters in the battledome as well. Here are some examples:


  • The Sword of Skardsen's image is titled "eliv_thade_sword".
  • The name Skardsen is an anagram of darkness.

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