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Rufus is a Yellow Kougra of Mystery Island. Rufus was the Grand Bogen of Gadgadsbogen in 2003 and seemingly was reappointed the title in some of the following years, considering being given the role a great honour. Before this Rufus was better known for his interest in the Ghoti petpet.

Plot summary[edit]

Gadsgadsbogen Puzzle[edit]

Main Article: Gadgadsbogen Puzzle

For Rufus' first year as Grand Bogen, in 2003, he was a part of the Gadgadsbogen Puzzle.

Better Than You[edit]

Rufus has been a contestant on Better Than You three times:

Date: July 19, 2007 These clever Petpets never cease to amaze me! Many of them show such remarkable ingenuity, especially this young Gwyl I've heard so much about. Help me aid him in getting out of there so I can finish my research!
Game: Gwyl's Great Escape
Score:  ?
Prize: Red Acara Balloon

Date: November 15, 2007 What amazing Petpet specimens! I must study their behaviour. Help me out by seeing to their needs as I write down and analyse all this data I'm getting. After you've finished you can have the Blurf in my lunch bag. I'm not overly fond of them.
Game: Petpetsitter
Score: 2,600
Prize: Blurf

Date: August 13,2015 Being the Grand Bogen is a big responsibility, but so is being a good host! It's especially important this month, we have lots of tourists visiting Mystery Island before summer is over.
Game: Berry Bash
Score: 4,300
Prize: Greengage Breeze


  • Rufus won the Best Smile category during the 2008 Neopies.

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