Timeline of Neopian History

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The history of Neopia is a complicated one. Below are all the collected historical events of Neopia's past (called BN or "Before Neopia"). The Gregorian Calendar year is shown in a pair of brackets beside the Neopian year.

2000 BN (1 B.C.)

  • Neopia is a barren wasteland.

1??? BN (1??? A.D.)

1??? BN (1??? A.D.)

  • Sun broke through the dark skies of Neopia, creating the bright beautiful world Neopia is today.

993 BN (1006 A.D.)

873 BN (1126 A.D.)

  • Sakhmet was founded by King Coltzan I.

300 BN (1700 A.D.)

  • Meridell was invaded (it is unknown whether this was the first or second Meridell vs Darigan war, or another unmentioned war).

2?? BN (18?? A.D.)

  • Qasala was destroyed by a sandstorm.

200 BN (1897 A.D.)

2 BN (1997 A.D.)

Year 1 (1999 A.D.)

  • The Neohunters arrived to collect Neopian History.

Year 2 (2000 A.D.)

  • The Battledome is rediscovered.
  • Old Maraqua is discovered.

Year 3 (2001 A.D.)

Year 4 (2002 A.D.)

Year 5 (2003 A.D.)

  • An evil shaman from Mystery Island tries to destroy the entire Mystery Island and awaken a giant Moltenore.
  • All the petpets in Neopia mysteriously disappear, but return 11 days later.

Year 6 (2004 A.D.)

Year 7 (2005 A.D.)

  • Maraqua was rebuilt but was promptly attacked by pirates, who were defeated after a long battle.
  • Jazan travelled to Sakhmet to break the curse on his people. Qasala is unveiled.
  • Lost City of Geraptiku is re-discovered.

Year 8 (2006 A.D.)

Year 9 (2007 A.D.)

  • Hugo, Lilian Fairweather and Roxton travel to the Lost Isle, but were attacked by gigantic petpets and were unable to map down its location.
  • Meteor crashes into Kreludor.

Year 10 (2008 A.D.)

  • Dr. Frank Sloth attempted to attack Neopia again but failed.

Year 11 (2009 A.D.)

Year 12 (2010 A.D.)

  • The Faeries are cursed and turned into stone.